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The seasons in your life (Monday Motivation #4)

I am currently reading ‘Adventures for your Soul’ by Shannon Kaiser, which is a very positive, inspirational book about how to turn your life around. In her book, Shannon writes about how ‘approaching your life like seasons’ can really help you be happy with where you are in life.

I wanted to share this on my blog today, because I found this comparison of human life with seasons very interesting. I often fall into the trap of comparing myself; not just to other people, but also to myself. In order to stop doing this, Shannon writes, it can be helpful to look at life like the seasons and realize that there is a time for everything. The seasons change, people change, and so do our wants and needs. If, for instance, you are comparing your current self to your past self, where you were fitter and working out more than you are now, it can help to realize how different you are now compared to how you were then. There may be very important reasons why you’re not working out as hard. Maybe you were much more self-conscious about your body back then, or maybe you just have different priorities now. People change and there’s always a reason for that change.

“There is a time for everything, like snow in the winter and harvest in the fall. Trying to force yourself to be in a harvest season when your soul really craves hibernation will only cause more distress” – Shannon Kaiser

What you need to figure out, is what your soul currently craves. Don’t think back or look ahead: listen to yourself now. What is it you need? Not what you think you should need, but what you really need. Perhaps you need a break, or a change, or to meet new people, or to be alone… The key is to listen to yourself and be true to your own wants and needs. Be yourself and don’t compare yourself to others.

“The stars don’t compare themselves to one another, and there is plenty of room for all of them in the sky” – Kris Carr

This is something I am learning more and more every day. “Comparison is the thief of joy” is what they say, and it’s true. I can get so excited about something one minute and so demotivated the next because it feels like everybody’s doing the same thing. Who am I to start a blog – there’s already millions of blogs out there! All of that fear and doubt is just noise – it distracts me from what I really love to do. I didn’t start this blog because everyone was doing it, I started it in spite of that. And I can’t seem to stop blogging, so that must mean something right?

In ‘Adventures for your Soul’ Shannon writes about how important it is to let go of trying to be someone you’re not anymore. The way you were served a purpose at that time in your life, but forcing yourself to be that person now when it doesn’t feel right anymore would be going against your current needs. So if you at one point were more physically active, or more creative, or more playful, just realize that at that point in time, that’s what you needed to be. Those things came naturally to you. Your current needs may be completely different. By identifying what those are and realizing how they differ from the needs of your past self, you will understand that there really is a time for everything. The best is yet to come!

Emmelyn X

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