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Review: Baker & Moore in Rotterdam

Last weekend I visited Rotterdam, a large city in the Netherlands. I was by myself (my first solo trip) and was browsing the internet to find a vegan lunch spot. Baker & Moore came up everywhere and when I read they had vegan cake I immediately headed over. Here is my review of Baker & Moore in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is, apparently, increasingly popular among tourists and now I know why. I had been in Rotterdam before, but I was never really a fan of the city. Or so I thought. I actually really wanted to go back to Barcelona for my first solo trip, but I had no money left and I thought I would play it safe and stay in my own country. I wasn’t sorry: Rotterdam is like a mini Barcelona in the Netherlands (with a lot more cyclists).

You’ll see more of Rotterdam in my September photo diary at the end of this month. Back to Baker & Moore, a great lunch spot in the centre of Rotterdam. It was founded by Paul Bakker and Eline Moor (that’s why it’s called Baker & Moore) and serves delicious healthy sandwiches, slow juices, fair trade coffees (with non-dairy milk) and VEGAN CAKE. The most important reason I decided to visit.

baker-moore-8baker-moore-2baker-moore-14  baker-moore-5
It was a beautiful, unexpectedly sunny day so I decided to sit on the terrace (which was almost full). A waiter came to see me straight away and I ordered a soy cappuccino and a vegan raspberry cake.

baker-moore-11 baker-moore-4 baker-moore-3I’ve had many soy cappuccinos before, so it was nothing special really. I do very much appreciate it when it’s on offer, but I wouldn’t travel all the way to Rotterdam for it. It was good nonetheless. The vegan cake was absolutely delicious: sugar-free, yet very sweet and super creamy. It was quite small and I could have had about four more, but it was filling. Besides, I still wanted to taste the sandwiches.

baker-moore-13After my coffee and cake I had a green tea while taking a look at the sandwich menu. Only one of their sandwiches was vegan, but it sounded like a good one (avocado and hummus). I ordered it and enjoyed my green tea and the sun while I waited.

baker-moore-9  baker-moore-7 baker-moore-6The sandwich was ok, but a bit bland to be honest. The bread was lovely and thick, but untoasted which I am just not a fan of. Perhaps I could have asked for toasted bread (I didn’t). The hummus and avocado were super tasty, but I would have liked a little more lettuce.

All in all, a good vegan sandwich and a very nice place to have lunch. The staff is very friendly, the location is great and the prices are very reasonable.Would definitely come back – but only to try the other three vegan cake flavours :-).

Emmelyn X

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