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Love or passion?

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while. Let me start by saying that I have felt love and I have felt passion, so I know the meaning of both. I also know that there’s a difference between love and passion and that people often confuse the two.

Passion is defined as an overwhelming feeling or emotion, which can be either positive or negative. You can hate someone with a passion, just like you can passionately love someone. That’s the first difference between passion and love: you can’t lovingly hate someone. Love is love: it’s positive and suggests a feeling of affection for something or someone. You love your family, your partner or your job. This doesn’t mean you feel passionate.

Passion is what makes you feel alive, whether it’s positive or negative. You can’t continuously live on passion, it’s like adrenaline: it runs out. Love, on the other hand, can be there all the time. You can spend your whole life loving someone or something without feeling consumed or overwhelmed. That’s the beauty of love.

Love with a passion

That’s doesn’t mean that I believe love doesn’t include passion. For me, it absolutely does. I believe that love should make you feel uncomfortable, shake you, make you question everything and still want more of it each day. Love can make you both insanely happy and extremely miserable, and that’s the point. Anything else is just boring and not worth spending your energy on. This is just how I feel.

“Love is passion, obsession. Someone you can’t live without” – Meet Joe Black

My favorite love stories are always the ones that are a little dark. There’s screaming, crying and intense passion involved, as well as unmistakable love, courage and happiness. I don’t like routine, I don’t like to be bored and I don’t like predictability. But that doesn’t mean I feel passionate in my relationship every day. There’s much more love than passion, and that love makes me very happy.

Find your passion

I believe people go in search of passion when they’ve been standing still for too long. If your marriage lacks passion, you may try and find it elsewhere. If your job is boring, you may suddenly decide to quit and start your own company. If you’re bored with where you live, you could decide to sell all your stuff and move to Australia. Why? Because it makes you uncomfortable, it shakes you out of your routine and makes you feel passionate. This what people thrive on and we all need it. Not every day – but I wouldn’t be able to live without it.

Love or passion?

In my opinion, love goes far deeper than passion. Passion is often temporary and can force you to make certain changes you are afraid of making. A lack of passion is not good for the soul, but a lack of love is impossible to live with. We need love much more than we need passion. We need to feel love every day as a reminder of why we’re here and why we do the things we do. You can love your job without being passionate about it. It means you’re happy with where you are. Passion can get you out of an unhappy situation; love is a reminder of why you’re there in the first place. I love a lot of things: my boyfriend, my family, the city I live in, my job. And in all those things there’s passion as well – there has to be. Just not every day.


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