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The longer I’m blogging, the more clear it is to me why I keep going. When I started my blog I just put some recipes online, every once in a while, with no clear blogging goals in mind. Now, a year and a half later, I know exactly why I love blogging and message I want to send out.

I am going to split this blogpost up into two parts. First, what I don’t want my blog to be and second, what I do want to (or hope to) send out into the world and what my blog goal really is. Here goes.

1. What I don’t want

I had a lot of time to think about this, especially last week during my solo trip to Rome (read more here). I suddenly had a clear moment, while I was standing among a dozen people with selfie sticks and cameras in their faces while posing in exactly the same way in front of the Colosseum like many (MANY) before them. What am I doing? Why am I still blogging? Do I even like this world? There are many aspects of the online/blogging world I really don’t like. There are many bloggers out there I’d never want to be. So here’s what I don’t ever want people to feel when reading my blog.

LET ME JUST START BY SAYING I am in no means suggesting people feel this way when they visit my blog or follow my social media posts. I am HOPING they don’t, but in the slight chance that they do, this is NOT ME. This is NOT who I am or aspire to me. Please, if I come across this way in any way TELL ME NOW.

I don’t EVER want to present a perfect life. I don’t want to present an enviable life, unless it’s a life that’s full of joy, love and happiness. I don’t want people to feel jealous when reading my posts or envious that they don’t have that great of a life. I don’t want people to feel less of a person compared to me or feel bad about themselves or the way they live their lives. I also don’t want people to think my life is beautiful, happy and perfect (all the time) or that I spend all my days in absolute bliss. I really, truly hope I have made this clear.

2. What I DO want

This is the fun part: what DO I want with my blog and online presence? It’s quite simple. I want people to feel GOOD and inspired. I wrote above that I didn’t want people to feel envious, thinking: I wish I had that life, that job, that body; I want people to visit my blog and feel inspired to improve their lives in some way. I don’t want to be some advice-giver, coach, guru, or self-help person, I just want to share my thoughts and experiences. I have many of those. I hope those experiences are recognizable to some people and help them in some way. I love the feeling of knowing I’ve helped someone else, even in a small way. That is actually one of my favorite parts of supervising/teaching students at university.

I know that there are a LOT of bloggers and vloggers out there and I believe that we can all coexist if we all stay true to ourselves. Of course, we can also all coexist and copy each other, but that won’t be any fun at all. I want to share my life; as real, honest and raw as I can, without presenting it on a polished silver platter.

One last example: I’ve always said the best person you can be is someone who touches other people’s hearts. Look at Hans Zimmer – his music can literally give me goosebumps and make me cry tears of happiness. How amazing is it to be someone who makes other people that happy? That should always be your goal in life. I bet he has very few haters (if any). Think about it.

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