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I love apps – I have so many apps on my phone, for photo editing, budgeting, games, second language learning and many other things. I especially love how easy these apps make my life. Everything I need is in the palm of my hand.

So when I decided I wanted to lose a few kilos this February I decided to look for an app to help me out. I am not great at dieting – I love food – and I needed something to show me what I was eating every day. Because I eat a LOT.

I am a secret eater

I love food and although I eat healthy, vegan food I tend to eat too much. I eat large plates of pasta, risotto, rice, and lots of bread. I also love processed food such as vegan nuggets, burgers, cheese and chocolate, although I don’t eat processed foods too often. Oh, and I love French fries. I usually make them myself, but they’re still nice and greasy.

Every winter I gain a few kilos and the fact that I do a lot of recipe testing for my Instagram and blog doesn’t help. Let me just clarify: I am not overweight, I just want to be bikini-ready. I love my body, I work out a lot, I am healthy – so I want my body to reflect that. Time to get rid of that extra fat.

My weight loss goal

My goal is simple: lose 5 kilos. And since I am not overweight that isn’t easy. So I downloaded an app to help me along – FatSecret. And I couldn’t be more excited about this app. You enter your information such as your height, your weight and what your goal is. Also, you add your level of activity.

When I first started I decided not to make things too difficult for myself, so I started off at 1700 calories a day. The app helped me realize how calorific certain foods are, such as olive oil. It may be healthy, but one tablespoon of oil contains over 100 calories. The same is true for nuts, seeds and avocados. They’re all healthy, but if you want to lose weight it may be a good idea to limit eating these foods.

Dietary changes

The first thing I did was cut down on oil and cut my portions in half. I started weighing all my foods (except fruits and veggies) and soon realized how easy that was. I also realized that 75 grams of rice or 80 grams of pasta is enough – especially combined with lots of vegetables. And also, soy sauce has very few calories (yay!)

I’ve been using FatSecret for about 6 weeks now and I’ve lost almost 3 and a half kilos. That means I’m losing about half a kilo a week. I also had one ‘refeed’ week where I went out to dinner a lot and didn’t watch my portions as much. This helps to keep me sane and keeps my cravings under control. I also allow myself to have something fat or sugary one night a week – such as nice, vegan, nutty, chocolate bar (drool).

The verdict

I couldn’t recommend this app more – especially to all the ‘secret eaters’ out there. I really had no idea what I was eating every day, calorie-wise, and I have found this app really insightful. I haven’t really changed much with regards to what I’m eating, I’m just eating a lot less. I really don’t need 200 grams of rice or pasta and I have upped my vegetable intake enormously which can only benefit my health. This is something I’m going to keep doing, even after I’ve lost the weight. I also limit my alcohol intake to 2 glasses of wine and only on weekends. This may seem boring, but I’m not exactly pro-alcohol – it’s not all that healthy and it makes you age faster. But I do love a nice glass of wine every now and then – diet or no diet.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or not – FatSecret can really help to give you some insight into what you’re eating every day. I even has the option of scanning barcodes and I have found that most of the products I buy here in the Netherlands are in the app already. This is really helpful and immediately shows me how many calories, fats, sugars, etc. a product contains. The key is to keep everything as fresh as possible (processed food always contains lots of calories) and limit your carb intake a little. Compensate with lots (LOTS) of veggies and you won’t go hungry.

Life after FatSecret

I’m going to keep using FatSecret for a few more weeks until I reach my goal weight. I love seeing the number on the scale drop every week and to realize it’s working. I feel better than ever and I’m really never hungry. I have cravings, sure, but I feel like I’m eating a lot. I am not at 1500 calories a day which is not too difficult. After I lose the weight I want to go back to 1700-1800 which means I won’t have to be as strict as I am now. But I’m feeling great and highly recommend this app. Dieting has never been this easy!

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