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5 x the best Instagram girls

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and in honor of that holy day I dedicate today’s blogpost to 5 of my favorite female Instagram accounts. According to me these are the most inspiring Instagram accounts out there and these women are a huge inspiration to me. By the way: if she was still active on Instagram, Essena O’Neill would be at the top of my list.

1. @rachelwolchin

I LOVE Rachel Wolchin’s account. It’s so inspirational. I first ‘discovered’ Rachel through Pinterest; a lot of people we’re repinning her quotes. I repinned a quote that read:

“Most people want to make you responsible for the way they feel. The victim look ain’t a pretty one baby”

It was exactly what I needed at the time and I immediately followed her on Instagram. She shares many more inspiration quotes as well as beautiful travel photos. Some photos feature her as well, always looking gorgeous and happy. I just love this account.

2. @hsuantje

I met this woman at Veggie World in Utrecht, the Netherlands last year. She was selling vegan T-shirts that I really loved. I asked for her card and checked out her online store (you can check it out here). Soon after I discovered her Instagram, which is really, really cool. Not only does this woman have amazing style, she is vegan and not afraid to say it. Also: she is a COOL vegan – her account is beautiful and she is not at all pushy or annoying. Her photos are a mixture between food photos, beautiful photos of herself, travel photos and the occasional quote. She also features the clothes from her online store (her ‘vegan baby’) on Instagram and they are really amazing. Definitely one of the best Instagram girls out there.

3. @kramergirl

For those of you who don’t know: I am a HUGE Jana Kramer fan. I have a secret crush on her – I don’t know her at all but I LOVE her. I first saw her as an actress in One Tree Hill and loved the character she was playing. Later I downloaded some of her songs (yes, she’s a singer too) and fell in love a little more. ‘I Got the Boy’ and ‘Why Ya Wanna’ are my favorite Jana Kramer songs. I could watch her music videos all day – she is stunning. Her Instagram account is one of my favorites because she doesn’t appear to show off. She shares a lot of photos of her baby daughter and her photos always make me smile. I just love her!

4. @fitwithmarit

This is a Dutch Instagrammer, blogger and fit girl. I met her once at a blogging event and thought she had amazing energy. This doesn’t only translate to her Instagram account but also her Youtube channel. She is one of the most natural and fun people to follow on Youtube. She makes her videos seem effortless and she makes you feel as if she’s just hanging out talking to a good friend. She’s not overtly flaunting her looks; her Instagram account is very much about working out, eating well and being healthy, but she is a naturally, beautiful woman; even more so because of her joyful, fun and vibrant personality. I love following her on Instagram and she’s definitely one of my favorites.

5. @annavictoria

I started following Anna Victoria because of one specific photo that was all over social media one day:

Finally, a fitness blogger who’s keeping it real. I wish more women would be more honest on social media about their looks – one of the reasons I love Essena O’Neill so much. In my opinion she is the perfect role model for young girls and she was so brave to come out and do what she did. Finally someone owning up to the truth and what it takes to take the perfect Instagram photo and become ‘Instafamous’. I am not 15 anymore (luckily) so I am not too bothered by all the fit girls on Instagram, but many young girls are. They see those perfect bodies and think that’s how they should look in order to be beautiful and happy. Anna Victoria is one of few fit girls on Instagram I know who’s being truthful and keeping it real. And I love her for it!

These five women are definitely cool people to follow on Instagram and according to me the coolest Instagram accounts out there. Ever made a list of your favorite Instagram accounts? Please share in the comments below!

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