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50 x what Google can’t find

I am so used to Googling stuff these days that I sometimes catch myself wanting to Google something that Google really cannot know. I am so used to taking my phone and looking things up that it sometimes takes me a few seconds to realize I am looking something up that only I have the answer to – or Google definitely doesn’t. For today’s post I’ve compiled a list of 50 things I sometimes catch myself thinking, wondering or getting frustrated about that I wish I could find the answer to online.

  1. Where are my keys?
  2. Why is my boyfriend in such a bad mood?
  3. When did I last refill my water bottle?
  4. What shall I wear tomorrow?
  5. Will I get through this week?
  6. What do I want to have for dinner tomorrow night?
  7. Are there still olives in the fridge?
  8. Do I have enough spaghetti left for dinner?
  9. What the f*ck is my passion?
  10. When will I be done soul-searching?
  11. Is (s)he the one?
  12. Will I be able to have children?
  13. Will my laptop last another year?
  14. Did I eat already?
  15. Will I get rich?
  16. Will I die young?
  17. How many children will I have?
  18. When will I finish my PhD?
  19. Is there still gas in my car?
  20. Where is my car?
  21. Where will I be five years from now?
  22. Where is my phone?
  23. Am I hungry or bored?
  24. What did I dream about last night?
  25. Where is my purse?
  26. Did I turn off the gas?
  27. What in God’s name is my iTunes password?
  28. When did I last wear this sweater?
  29. Where are my socks?
  30. Did I brush my teeth already?
  31. Should I dye my hair black?
  32. Will my journal article get published?
  33. What is my PIN code?
  34. Did I turn of the heat?
  35. Did I drink enough water today?
  36. Will I get married?
  37. Am I happy?
  38. Should I buy new shoes?
  39. Does this colour suit me?
  40. Will I feel inspired tomorrow?
  41. Where is my gym card?
  42. How many lives am I on?
  43. Do I have a doppelganger?
  44. Do people think I’m funny?
  45. Do I have a hidden talent?
  46. Did I lock my front door?
  47. Am I brave enough to get a tattoo?
  48. When will I buy my first house?
  49. Why am I here?
  50. When will I start feeling like an adult?

Ever wondered: what can’t you Google – what does Google not know? And does this ever happen to you – that moment you want to Google something and then realize you can’t possibly find the answer online? Let me know in the comments below!

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