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50 things I do give a crap about

I wrote a blogpost last week with 50 things I don’t give a crap about. I loved it – I was on a rampage, a counter-movement against everything I dislike and everything I am not. Today I am reversing that movement. What do I care about? Here they are: 50 things I DO give a crap about – a whole lot.

  1. Working out. I may not want a six-pack, but I do want to stay fit.
  2. I LOVE jeans.
  3. My phone. I am glued to it.
  4. Carbs.
  5. Vegan food.
  6. I wish I could travel more. HELLO SAN DIEGO IN MAY!
  7. Summer
  8. Spring: even more than summer. My favorite season!
  9. Waves.
  10. Summer evenings. In fact, the Dutch word ‘zomeravond’ is my favorite word.
  11. With vegan food, of course.
  12. Straight, white teeth.
  13. Clean sheets on my bed.
  14. First cup of coffee in the morning.
  15. That feeling after a nice bath or shower.
  16. Swimming underwater.
  17. Red wine in the winter, rose in the summer.
  18. Coloring my hair (twice a year).
  19. A good day at work with a nice flow (ikigai!)
  20. My relationship (it is Valentine’s Day after all!)
  21. A new book.
  22. Shopping online.
  23. Staying under 60kg (my scary weight).
  24. Watching old, home movies.
  25. Editing photos.
  26. Discovering new, vegan recipes.
  27. Pasta.
  28. Nutritional yeast.
  29. Scheduling my blogposts.
  30. Writing a good blogpost.
  31. Getting accepted to present at a conference (AGAIN: HELLO SAN DIEGO IN MAY!)
  32. Having children (one day)
  33. Staying ambitious.
  34. Always keeping busy.
  35. Staying creative.
  36. Feeling young.
  37. Laughing every day.
  38. Drinking 2 liters of water every day.
  39. Secretly making my boyfriend vegan.
  40. A tidy house.
  41. Buying a house (hopefully soon).
  42. Being able to work at home (occasionally).
  43. Animals
  44. Truffle oil.
  45. Himalayan salt.
  46. Eyebrow powder and eyebrow gel. It’s almost an obsession of mine.
  47. I hate them and I want fillers yesterday.
  48. Squats.
  49. My family and their health & happiness. The most important thing in life is family.
  50. Being loved and remembered.

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