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15 places I want to visit

One of the great things about getting a PhD is that you get to travel. Each year I get to visit two conferences in the most amazing places, from Seattle to Prague and even Puerto Rico. I feel very lucky to be able to travel and as my PhD nears its end my love for seeing the world is bigger than ever. Since it’s a new year I decided to write a blogpost about the 15 places I still want to visit in the world and why.

1. Los Angeles

Just a city I feel you should have seen. My sister has been there a few times and loves it. Plus: they have really good vegan restaurants so that’s a great reason to visit!

2. Las Vegas

Another place I think everyone needs to see. I actually really want to have my bachelorette party in Vegas (one day). I want to stay in the most beautiful hotel, on the top floor, overlooking the city and get crazy drunk with my family and friends. I’m saving this city for when I get married!

3. San Francisco

Who didn’t watch Full House and fell in love with San Francisco? I always hear people say it’s very different from LA and also very beautiful. I’d love to drive up the coast of California and see all the big California landmarks. San Francisco is definitely a must-visit for me.

4. Costa Rica

I’ve always wanted to visit Costa Rica, because of its beautiful nature and beaches. I know Costa Rica is known for surfing, and I don’t surf, but I LOVE swimming in the waves. No matter how much I love the South of France, the waves there always disappoint. I’m pretty sure Costa Rica wouldn’t be a disappointment in any way.

5. Venice

I lived in Italy for close to 15 years and I never visited Venice. I know, what’s wrong with me? Venice is still on my list of places to visit. I would love to stay at a hotel overlooking the water and watch gondola’s pass by. Sounds incredibly romantic.

6. Greece

I’ve never been to Greece and have always wanted to go. I don’t know much about Greece so I have no idea which cities/islands are a must-see, but I’d really like to go there one day. I’ve seen so many photos of cute white houses, beautiful beaches and sunsets and the food is also supposed to be amazing.

7. New Zealand

Think Lord of the Rings, think New Zealand! In my mind, this country is one of the most beautiful there is, especially nature-wise. People say New Zealand has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. I always imagine a wide mix of landscapes; hills, mountains, beaches, rocks, water and beautiful, wide roads. I also hear the people are super friendly there and they speak English, which is always a plus!

8. Australia

Australia is another country that I feel is a must-visit. I’d love to visit the big cities, like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as the smaller towns which are apparently quite beautiful with lots to do. Of course, I also want to visit Australia for its beautiful beaches and wildlife, although I’m a little afraid of the spiders…

9. The Bahama’s

The only place that’s actually on my bucket list (if I had one) because of its crystal blue waters and because of….. drumroll….. Pig Island! It’s my absolute dream to go there and swim with pigs. I did recently read an article about Pig Island that suggests these pigs are being exploited and all is not as beautiful as it seems. But I refuse to let my dream shatter to pieces – these pigs must be happier than all of the pigs locked away in dark factory farms waiting to be slaughtered (right?!). I can’t imagine anything more amazing than swimming with pigs in the blue Bahama waters!

10. The Maldives

Honeymoon anyone? I don’t want to be a cliché but I feel like I passed cliché when I wrote ‘bachelorette party in Vegas’. I don’t have any real honeymoon dreams, but The Maldives seems like a pretty amazing place. The only thing is that it seems quite boring. I’m sure it’s stunning there, which is why I want to visit (preferably tomorrow) but I wonder how much there is to do, except get drunk, swim and lie on a sandy white beach. Nevertheless: I’d love to visit The Maldives one day.

11. Tampa

OK, Tampa is in this list for kind of a funny reason. First you need to know that I love thunderstorms (unless I’m in a tent or in the water). Second, I live in a town where there is literally 1 thunderstorm a year and you can’t even call it a storm. I LOVE a good thunderstorm and according to my online sources, Tampa is where you need to go if you want thunder (lucky Tampa peeps!).

12. Marbella

Just need to visit, since I’ve never been and apparently it’s like the Saint Tropez of Spain. Since I love Saint Tropez, I’m sure I’ll love Marbella.

13. Mallorca

I almost flew to Mallorca last year, that’s how much I want to go there. It’s on my list for this summer. I love the fact that it’s an island and I’ve seen some beautiful photos of white beaches, blue water and pink sunsets. I also have a secret crush on the ME hotel (even though I’ve never been) so that’s where I’ll be staying. There.

14. Bali

I have to be honest; I don’t know too much about Bali, except that many health bloggers I know go there every year. The photos and videos they share are just amazing and I just need to visit one day. The food also looks great (smoothie bowls!) and the people are apparently very friendly. Also, I heard it’s quite cheap there and also very, very beautiful.

15. Scotland

I’m sure I would have visited Scotland already, had it not been for my sun-and-beach-obsessed boyfriend. I just have this image of Scotland with rough seas, rocky beaches and small pubs where men sip beers and sit in front of a fireplace with their shoes off. Sorry if this is a total cliché, but it’s the fantasy I have of Scotland and I’d love to visit one day – preferably during the winter when it’s nice and cold!

So this is my list – 15 places I want to visit in the world. Please share yours in the comments, I’d love to hear them. Also: if you have any tips for visiting these 15 countries, let me know because I’m already making plans!

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