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Why I admire people who don’t care

So I have a health blog. I eat healthily, work out and am convinced healthy eating contributes to your overall wellbeing. Still, we all know that there are people who eat absolutely everything and still live to 101 years old. So what’s going on? And why do I still care so much?

First of all, I am a control freak. So many things in life are out of our control and I love feeling in ‘control’ of my health. Knowing that I eat the right foods makes me feel powerful. But I know I am not invincible. I know that people who eat healthy still get sick. And I also know that there are people who eat everything that’s supposedly bad for you and live longer than everyone else. There is no magic formula. I think it’s a combination of healthy food and a positive mind. But secretly I hugely admire people who don’t care and here’s why.

1. They have no fear

I admire anyone who is not afraid. As you read in a previous blogpost, I am afraid of everything and I am so jealous of people who don’t seem to fear anything. I always wonder how they do it. I always tell myself: I am so in love with life and I have so much to do. To me, getting sick is the worst thing that could happen. So what do I do? I research healthy food and obsessively eat fruits and veggies to get all my nutrients (and then some). I stop eating meat and dairy (in the first place because of animal cruelty, but definitely for health reasons as well) and start eating 80% plant-based food. It makes me feel good and it’s easy to maintain a healthy weight, but it doesn’t mean my fear is gone. Whenever I feel an unfamiliar ache somewhere the word ‘cancer’ flashes through my mind. I truly am a scared little girl who feels the world is a big scary place. I wish I knew how to not give a damn!

2. They are no more or less in control than I am

This is an important point. In the end, no matter how textbook healthy I live my life, there are absolutely no guarantees. No doctor or nutritionist will ever tell me: “Wow you do everything right. You have a 0% chance of ever getting sick”. People who eat unhealthy are no more or less in control of their health than I am. I get sick. I get colds. I can get hit by a bus tomorrow. Cliché, but true. That’s why I wish I knew how to care less. I can’t help it though, it’s the way I’m wired. But that doesn’t mean I don’t admire people who just eat whatever they want and only work out when they feel like it. All power to them.

3. They probably have more fun

Whenever I eat a little less healthy, for example when I’m on vacation, I feel terrible. One unhealthy meal is not a problem, but whenever I eat unhealthy for longer periods of time I start to feel fat and unwell. I firmly believe it’s all in my head, but it still happens. I stop enjoying myself and focus obsessively on eating healthy foods. I only feel like myself again when I get home, eat my own food and start going to the gym again. These obsessive thoughts can really ruin my vacation. I’m getting better at it, but I enjoy myself a whole lot more if I can eat fresh, healthy foods as opposed to processed junk. Still: there are people (both fat and thin) who eat processed food a lot more often than I do and feel fine. I am 100% sure they have more fun than me. They simply don’t care. I think learning not to care so much about these things makes you a happier, more carefree person. More than anything, life should be enjoyed right?

I am learning to be less controlling and to care less about things that I believe really matter, like eating healthily. You can eat healthily most of the time and still be a happy person. This blogpost is for everyone out there who doesn’t care. You are amazing. I wish I knew how to not care, or at least a little less. I would be happier, more carefree and probably enjoy my life a lot more. Also: I’d probably live just as long (if not longer) :-).

Emmelyn X

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