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The magic of the unknown

Today’s blogpost is a special one, because the topic was not chosen by me, but by my boyfriend. We are currently in Copenhagen and we were having dinner at our hotel while I was brainstorming about today’s blogpost. He then came up with the idea to have him choose my next topic, so that’s how this post was born. The magic of the unknown is what he chose – so that’s what today’s post is about.

I am a control freak, which means the ‘unknown’ is not my best friend. I like predictability, which is also why I love watching the same movies and TV shows over and over again. I like knowing what’s coming up so I can mentally prepare for it. I wish life was a little more predictable sometimes, because I there are times when I get a little tired of the surprise effect. But that’s part of life and I am learning to see the magic in it. Here are 5 reasons why I’ve learned to love the unknown.

1. Predictability is boring

As much as I love knowing how a movie will end or how my day will go – it’s a little boring. It’s safe and comfortable, but it’s also boring. Part of the fun in life is not knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow or where you’ll be five years from now. It may be a little scary (or a lot scary) but it’s also very exciting. I love looking back and realizing how much I’ve grown as a person and how things have happened that I never imagined would happen (both good and bad). I’ve survived it all and become stronger because of it. That’s magical to me.

2. You are never ‘done’

Life is always changing and you never know what might happen. You also never know what might happen to you. You may be doing one thing today and something completely different tomorrow. You meet new people, have different jobs, learn new things and as a result you grow as a person. And that’s really great, because this growth never really ends. I can’t imagine there will be a time in my life where I’ll think: ‘wow that’s it. I’m whole now’. I hope I’ll never stop growing, learning and discovering. I don’t ever want to be done.

3. Change is good

Truthfully I don’t really like change. I resent it and try and fight it as much as I can, but I do know that change is good. Change is important for us humans to grow, evolve and in order to be happy. Although I try and fight it, change always works wonders on me. Take a simple example like moving: I hate it at first, because it’s such a pain in the ass, but I love living in a new, fresh, clean house with new surroundings and zero memories. It’s good for the soul.

4. Control is always an illusion

As much as I love control, I know that it’s an illusion. I am never fully in control, as much as I would like myself to believe I am. It’s like getting your car looked at by a specialist. You feel better and you think you’re safe on the road, but it could just as easily break down tomorrow. Although I know that that’s true, I still love the feeling of being in control. I would have a full body scan every month if it was affordable and would not drive me crazy. Because that’s the downside: being a control freak means you’re always trying to prevent the worst from happening, which can be very stressful. It’s much easier to let the reigns go a little and live uncontrollably. The unknown things in the world scary, but it’s not always bad. Great things may happen that you never saw coming!

5. Everything great is unknown

And finally: the unknown is so magical because everything amazing that will happen in our lives is exactly that: unknown. If it were already known, it wouldn’t be amazing. There is so much beauty in the unknown and if it comes unexpectedly it will be all the more amazing. Your life will be unimaginably great and that greatness is still unknown. That’s what makes it so great and that’s also what allows us to dream. I love dreaming of an unknown future where anything is possible. It may be more amazing than I’ve ever imagined and that thought in itself is magical.

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