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Review: Flax & Kale in Barcelona

According to their website, Flax & Kale is a ‘healthy flexitarian restaurant’ situated in Cuitat Vella, a district of Barcelona. Their motto is ‘Eat better, be happier, live longer’, which shows in their healthy menu: 80% plant-based. Last Tuesday (on my birthday!) I had lunch at Flax & Kale and here is my review.

First off, I am completely in love with Barcelona. This is my first visit to the city and it has a very special vibe. It reminds me of an American city in the way it’s set up (blocks, lots of car lanes) and there’s so much to do here. The city really never sleeps, the weather is great (most of the time) and it’s by the sea. What more do you want?

When I first got here I immediately heard about Flax & Kale. Since they serve 80% plant-based food, it’s a perfect eating spot for vegetarians, vegans and other health-minded people. The remaining 20% of their menu consists of fatty fish, which I do eat occasionally. So the perfect place for me to have lunch on my birthday!

Location & decor

The restaurant is a little hidden, but once you get inside you immediately get why Flax & Kale is so popular. The restaurant looks really cool; it has a lot of open space and is quite big. I had lunch with my sister and my boyfriend and we sat upstairs on the terrace, which has a nice view and a vegetable garden in the middle, which makes it look like a secret garden. We took the elevator upstairs and were led to the terrace, which was almost full. Luckily we had a table at the front, overlooking the square, which was a great spot. The restaurant also has a large terrace outside in front of the entrance, which also looked nice, especially when the weather’s good. Here are some photos of the restaurant, to give you an impression.

Flax-Kale-16Flax-Kale-15Flax-Kale-13Flax-Kale-12Flax-Kale-11Flax-Kale-17 Flax-Kale-19Flax-Kale-3Flax-Kale-20flax-kale Flax-Kale-9 Flax-Kale-8Flax-Kale-10

Staff & menu

When seated, we were served by two different women who were both extremely nice. We don’t speak Spanish and they greeted us enthusiastically in English. The menu is also translated into English, which is helpful for other non-Spanish speakers.

Flax-Kale-21Flax-Kale-24Flax-Kale-25Flax-Kale-26First I had a cappuccino with whipped cashew milk (my sister’s recommendation) and it was very good. One of the best dairy-free cappuccinos I’ve ever had. I’m definitely going to buy cashew milk when I get home!

Flax-Kale-28 Flax-Kale-27As a starter I had the ‘funghi coconut toast’ which was delicious. It was basically a thick slice of toasted bread with creamy, seasoned mushrooms. So, so good! The perfect starter, since it was quite light. My boyfriend had the crunchy fish taco, which he also thought was delicious. We also ordered some kale chips on the side, which I’m not a fan of, but I have to say they weren’t bad.

Flax-Kale-29Flax-Kale-1 Flax-Kale-2As a main dish I had the ‘green power raviolo’ which I was very excited about. I absolutely love ravioli and I hate that they always, always contain cheese. These ravioli were cheese-less, filled with spinach, tofu, mushrooms and cashew ricotta. The ravioli came with baked eggplants and a yummy green sauce and vegan Parmesan. It was a-ma-zing. Best vegan pasta dish ever. My sister had corn tacos with guacamole and mushrooms (which she loved) and my boyfriend had the salmon mini burgers which apparently were also very good.

Flax-Kale-5 Flax-Kale-4

The verdict

I am a huge fan of Flax & Kale and I completely understand why people love it so much. The restaurant is a fun, hip place (with lots of fun-looking, hip people!) in a great location, with amazing food, kind waiters and it is also very reasonably priced. I especially love that you can eat there with your non-vegan/vegetarian friends. I will be recommending this restaurant to everyone going to Barcelona and I will definitely be back soon!


Emmelyn X

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