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My favorite types of people

Today I thought I’d blog about my favorite types of people. I am actively trying to surround myself with people like these. People who give more energy than they take, have many more positive than negative days and have a special spark of amazing. My favorite types of people all have these 5 qualities.

1. They are ambitious

Ambition is so important to me. You may think: why care if someone is ambitious; if they’re great people does it really matter? Yes, to me it does. My ambition is maybe the most important thing I have and when I meet someone who doesn’t understand I really don’t understand them. In order to keep moving forward and to be inspired I like to surround myself with people with similar goals and ambitions. That’s not selfish – it’s just the truth. My favorite people have ambition, it’s part of what makes them so great.

2. They are loving

Ambition alone is not enough of course. I like to surround myself with loving people, who care about others. Realizing someone actually cares about you and wants to be there for you is so important. I have stopped surrounding myself with people who only care about themselves. They care about laughing at your jokes, but when you really need them they are nowhere to be found. Loving people are the best people. No matter how ambitious you are, if you don’t care about the people in your life soon enough they will leave.

3. They are confident

I have a problem with people who lack confidence in themselves. I think the most important thing you can do for yourself is love and trust yourself and have confidence in your own abilities. And it shows. If you don’t have any confidence in yourself, how will others love and trust you? Being self-conscious is a very ugly thing and it doesn’t attract the right people. My favorite types of people soar self-confidence. They are not arrogant though, they are still kind and humble. There’s nothing wrong with believing in yourself. It’s beautiful!

4. They listen

It is annoying and painful when you’re sharing something important with someone else and you realize they’re not listening. This happened to me in high school, when I was telling a story to a friend and I noticed her eyes wander to someone more interesting. And it still happens today sometimes. I hate it. If I take the time to tell you something important, I want you to at least listen to what I have to say. I’m not an over-sharer either; I am pretty closed off most of the time. My favorite types of people listen to what I have to say – no matter how insignificant it may be. In return, I listen to them. My eyes don’t wander.

5. They make me laugh

Yes, I saved the best for last. Why spend time with people who don’t make you laugh? Life is so serious already, you need to be able to laugh your way through it. My favorite types of people are BY FAR the ones who make me laugh. We need to have the same kind of humor and the same kind of funny-vibe to hit it off. I know some people who can make me laugh with just a single look – if the vibe is right. I love that. I can get red-faced, teary-eyed and practically choke on my own laughter. These people are special: they are the best people. And they aren’t easy to find. But when you find them, you’ll know. And if you’re lucky, they’ll stay a while.

Note: the photo at the top of this post is from one of my favorite books ‘Love and Misadventure’ by Lang Leav and the poem is called ‘Angels’.


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