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Photo diary #9: October 2016

New month, new photo diary! This month wasn’t as eventful as last month (more work, less travel) but I tried to keep it interesting with a vegan brunch, a puzzle and a colourful blogger conference. Enjoy!

On October 1st I went to a blogger conference called Meet the Blogger in Amsterdam. It was my second time there.october-photo-diary-extra


Lots of good food and fresh juice!

october-photo-diary-51 october-photo-diary-50


october-photo-diary-49 october-photo-diary-48 october-photo-diary-47

This presentation was my favorite: by Holly Becker from decor8. I LOVED her.

october-photo-diary-46 october-photo-diary-45 october-photo-diary-43 october-photo-diary-42

The food was really amazing – unfortunately I did discover some cheese in the rice, but other than that fully vegan!


We were asked to hang our business cards out on a rack. Of course, I hung mine up twice (hehehehe).

october-photo-diary-40 october-photo-diary-39

Not a big fan of mint tea, but this was very cute.


And more presentations by inspirational bloggers…

october-photo-diary-37 october-photo-diary-36october-photo-diary-32

And more food!

october-photo-diary-34 october-photo-diary-33

I also had a little car trouble this month (yay). The exhaust pipe underneath suddenly came off – luckily as I was driving into the parking lot at work. After a quick fix I drove back home where my boyfriend fixed it. THIS IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND in the photos by the way hahahaha.


october-photo-diary-10 october-photo-diary-62

Quick ‘fix’ – but it did get me home (95 km).


Boat life!october-photo-diary-59october-photo-diary-65

I wanted to reduce my screen time this month, so like a nerd I bought a puzzle with 1000 pieces. Not only did I spend less time watching TV/behind my laptop, I also found it very relaxing.


october-photo-diary-57 october-photo-diary-56



Got a little nostalgic when given this at dinner one night, I used to eat these when I lived in Italy!


Love my colleagues!!


I had a nice vegan brunch in Amsterdam this month. Good food and great company!


october-photo-diary-27 october-photo-diary-26 october-photo-diary-24

This granola with dairy-free yoghurt was so delicious!



SOOOO much good vegan food!

october-photo-diary-20octpd october-photo-diary-18 october-photo-diary-17 october-photo-diary-16 october-photo-diary-15 october-photo-diary-14 october-photo-diary-13

Vegan bloggers at a vegan brunch… LOL.

october-photo-diary-12 october-photo-diary-11

Oh just me pretending to write in an empty journal while casually posing for an Instagram photo šŸ™‚


Beautiful skies on the way to work (stuck in traffic – not an excuse for taking photos, I know…)




Darkness on my way to the gym in the morning. I am a morning workout person, which means that if I don’t workout in the morning I won’t go at all. So I drag myself out of bed 4 times a week!


This was a fun night: Jack Reacher in an empty movie theater.


Love this quote from a little book I reviewed last week called The Art of Stillness by Pico Iyer. Highly recommend!


That was it for October – as you can see not a very interesting, photo-worthy month. I’ll do better next month and since I have a conference in Prague there will at least be some travel involved. See you then!

Emmelyn X


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