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Photo diary #7: August 2016 (part three)

So here is the third and last part of my August photo diary and it’s all about Barcelona! I stayed there for only three days last week but it was unforgettable – I loved it there. I met up with my sister, an old friend, celebrated my birthday, had amazing food and went to the beach. I love you Barcelona and I can’t wait to be back!

On the road! A lot of gas stations in France sell cous-cous, which is entirely vegan. No more fries and potato chips for me! (Ok, maybe a little).

APD44Almost there!

APD75Arrived at the hotel! Which has an underground parking garage, I should add. We found it online, on the way there, and it blew our expectations. Fantastic hotel, one of the best I’ve stayed at.





APD24The room was HUGE and had an amazing view of Barcelona.

APD42APD39Oh, and a rooftop pool & gym!

APD41View from the pool. The weather wasn’t great, unfortunately. It was warm though.


APD40My boyfriend and I met up with my sister (who was staying in an Airbnb with no windows by the way) to have drinks and dinner.

APD48Getting ready!

APD58Google Mapping.


APD38Love her.

APD37APD49Then we had dinner at a Sushi restaurant called On Sushi, which came highly recommended on Tripadvisor. And it was AMAZING. Best sushi I’ve EVER had. I wrote my first review on Tripadvisor, that’s how good it was.

APD34But first, more wine.

APD33I started with some breaded tofu thing, which was soooo delicious.

APD32Next: actual sushi. Vegetarian and with fish, both amazinggggg. AMAZING.

APD31APD36After that I had some vegetable tempura, also delicious!

APD35After dinner, we went out (it was my birthday at 12am). We went to a club at the beach called Opium. It was an amazing night and we were back at the hotel around 5:30am which NEVER happens to me anymore. The photos say it all.

APD62APD69APD63No idea what I was doing here. My sister laughed for about 3 hours at this photo.

APD52APD51APD59APD61The day after. Oh. my. God. I felt soooo bad.

APD50Here was my first attempt at eating some bread.

APD68The staff at the hotel left me some cookies and a small cake (with a candle!) for my birthday. So nice, but ooooh I felt so bad….


APD30To attempt to cure our (=my) hangovers, I found a burger restaurant on Tripadvisor that also served vegan burgers. It was called Bacoa and pretty cool. When you walk in, you first fill out a form with everything you want – from the burger, the bun to the toppings and the fries. You then pay, find a seat and wait for your food to arrive. It was also very affordable and just what we (=I) needed.

APD22APD64Me in my awesome blogger sweater (= Mango).

APD70The next day (our last) we were all feeling better and I enjoyed my first sober, fruity breakfast at the hotel.

APD21The weather was finally better (clear blue skies!!) and we went to the beach! Barcelona really has it all.

APD20APD19APD12APD10APD9APD45APD11APD54APD53Off to lunch. Guess where…

APD18Bacoa! Never change a winning team! I had the burger bowl this time, with peppers, walnuts and lentils (and no bun). So delicious and much easier to eat.

APD16After lunch we followed my sister to an ice-cream place where they served vegan tequila ice-cream! Can you think of anything better?? Not sure how much tequila was in it, but the idea is cool.

APD15APD14APD13End of the day…

APD71One of the MANY reasons I love Barcelona. A FRUIT BIKE PEOPLE! With fresh fruit!!

APD7APD6APD5APD4At night we had dinner at a Tapas restaurant with an old friend from high school who was in Barcelona for work. Her name is Liza (pictured below) and we hadn’t seen each other in twelve (!!) years, but it was like no time had passed!

APD57Group photo (look at my sister posing like it’s a cover shoot).

APD73Lol. It’s not what it seems. We were sending each other photos.

APD72APD56APD65So… who’s paying?

APD46On our way home… CRY! I love you Barcelona! + how cool is this sunrise? Only 1500 km to go!

APD3A very nice homecoming, courtesy of my sister-in-law :).

APD1This is the end of my August photo diary (finally). The next photo diary will be September and much less interesting unfortunately… See you then!

Emmelyn X

PS. Photo credits for MANY of these photos go to my sister Lizette. She has many more awesome photos on her own blog lizzelc.com.

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