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Photo diary #6: August 2016 (part two)

Here is part two of my gigantic August photo diary. This post includes my photo highlights from the second part of my holiday in France and a little detour to Spain. Enjoy!

One of the last cities in the South of France before crossing the border to Italy is Menton, which is really beautiful. The sea is extremely clear and blue and the water is amazing. The only downside is the beach, which is covered in rocks (I prefer sand).

APH-2-57APH-2-56APH-2-54APH-2-53Look at this!! The Lovely Hut in Menton. Unfortunately it was closed, but how cool to see a vegan restaurant in France!

APH-2-55Close to Monaco is a commune called Cap d’Ail, with one of the most beautiful ‘hidden’ beaches ever. I have visited Cap d’Ail many times, but this is the first time I discovered it has a gorgeous beach!

APH-2-67 APH-2-66 APH-2-65 APH-2-64 APH-2-63Also very beautiful (and extremely crowded) is Eze, which is close to Villefranche-sur-Mer (where we were staying) and Nice. It’s small, but has amazing views. Parking is almost impossible though, so be prepared to walk a bit.

APH-2-60 APH-2-59 APH-2-58Like I wrote in my previous post, we stayed at hotel Le Versailles in Villefranche, which has an amazing buffet breakfast with lots of fresh fruit. This is what my typical breakfast looked like (vegan!).

APH-2-61Another picture of the view from the hotel.

APH-2-47Villefranche by night.

APH-2-44 APH-2-43This restaurant in Villefranche came highly recommended on Tripadvisor. Fun fact: Lord Sugar also likes to eat here (just check Twitter, we just missed him!). The food was good and I was able to eat almost entirely vegan, but it was very pricey.

APH-2-50Vegan starter.

APH-2-51I think we spent most nights going out to dinner in Monaco. My boyfriend and I both love Monaco, it has a very special vibe. In the summer it’s crowded with tourists, but I don’t mind (I’m a tourist too, after all). I love the vibe, the people, the views… It’s a fun escape from reality. Off to Monaco!

APH-2-46When in Monaco I highly recommend eating at Mozza. It’s an Italian restaurant and I think we ate there about four times. It’s affordable and absolutely delicious.

mozzaStarter: zoodles with avocado pesto! Yum!

APH-2-42We spent a lot of our days on the beach in Villefranche, with its gorgeous blue waters.

APH-2-39Our favorite place was Deli Bo, a beach club in Villefranche.

APH-2-31APH-2-33APH-2-30My boyfriend and his new friend.

APH-2-38APH-2-32One of the reasons I love Deli Bo: they served a vegan salad with lots of veggies.

APH-2-37 APH-2-36Oh, and they also served delicious gin tonics, called ‘Gin Fizz’ (no idea how many we had).

APH-2-35 APH-2-34 APH-2-29A little library in Villefranche where people can come and borrow books. So cool!

APH-2-28 APH-2-27When I was a kid, we used to come to Saint Aygulf for our summer vacation. We went back there for a night and it was good to be back. It’s a small place and there are lots of Dutch people there, so we didn’t stay long.

APH-2-22APH-2-26 APH-2-25After Saint Aygulf we decided to drive to Biarritz, because of the waves. The sea is rougher there (and more fun!). I had never been there so I was excited. How cool is this bus by the way…

APH-2-21Arrived in Biarritz! The weather wasn’t great, but I LOVED the city. It had such a special vibe and the people were so friendly (a breath of fresh air after the South of France). I can’t really explain it, but just look at how beautiful it is there.

APH-2-20 APH-2-19 APH-2-18After one night in Biarritz (and lots of rain) we drove to Spain, which is only about half an hour away. We drove to a small town called Lekeitio where my boyfriend spent many summers as a child. Unfortunately the weather didn’t get any better.

APH-2-17The mood, however, was great! Never going home!!

APH-2-16 APH-2-8 APH-2-14 APH-2-13 APH-2-12 APH-2-11The sand was soooo soft!


APH-2-9I was hungry in this photo. Don’t blame me.

APH-2-7So cool!

APH-27I guess you could say we’re ‘restless’ vacationers, because after a day in Spain we drove to Mimizan which we had both never seen. The weather was still crap, but the waves were huge!

APH-2-6 APH-2-4After Mimizan we drove to a hotel in Saintes. We had McDonald’s, which is essential at least once when on the road. I had lots of fries and two green salads as compensation for the fatty food. At this point we were actually on our way home to Holland.

APH-2-3 APH-2-1But… we didn’t want to go home yet! Since my birthday was coming up and my sister happened to be in Barcelona, we decided to turn around and drive to Barca!! Best decision ever, because I LOVED Barcelona (first time there). You will see all my photo highlights from our three days in Barcelona in the next (and last) edition of my August photo diary. See you then!

aug-photo-diary(I read this in a magazine in France – very true!)

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