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Photo diary #4: July 2016

This month has been full of social events, with family and friends, and lots of sun, fun and many cocktails. Not something to be extremely proud of – but I’ll write more about that in tomorrow’s post. For now, enjoy my July photo highlights!

I started the month off with a small conference in Eindhoven, a city in the Netherlands. I’m in the final year of my PhD and my last study was a difficult one. I was glad it was accepted for a presentation at this conference and proudly presented it. Also, the venue was amazing and our name tags were in a bowl of sand. Very cool.

July photo diary 51The summer has really started this month so lots of time in the sun with lots of drinks… Here’s my sister-in-law and my boyfriend chilling. Also, my brother-in-law was there but he wants to remain anonymous.

July photo diary 50July photo diary extra16Like I said, lots of social events this month. Here’s my boyfriend in his favorite polo shirt, right before we attended one of his family’s parties.

July photo diary 49The next day we had a barbecue at my sister’s house, so more family (and more drinks).

July photo diary 48July photo diary 47Beautiful sunset on the way home.

July photo diary extra14July photo diary extra13The next day I made a delicious vegan pasta carbonara, which deserved a photo.

July photo diary 46I work at home a lot, especially in the summer, but sometimes I need a change of scenery. Here I am at my favorite coffee place, Doppio, reading articles. Much more fun in the sun which a soy cappuccino!

July photo diary 45More family, more food. This was a farewell lunch at my boyfriends’ parents house before everyone left to go on vacation. Everyone but me.

July photo diary 44Selfie on the way home.

July photo diary 43My favorite vegan ice cream!

July photo diary 42The BEST veggie burger in town!

July photo diary 41We spent our first summer day at the beach – it was supposed to be fantastic weather, but it was cloudy most of the day (typical). It didn’t spoil the fun though!

July photo diary 40Drinks!

July photo diary 39My sister’s awesome Polaroid. It’s making a come-back.

July photo diary 38July photo diary extra15 July photo diary 37Nothing beats a selfie stick though!

July photo diary extra18July photo diary extra17July photo diary extra4July photo diaryGroup photo!

July photo diary 36Delicious pasta with grilled veggies (recipe here).

July photo diary 35Another day at Doppio – a Saturday this time. Perfect time to do some blog editing. This delicious cocktail will be on the blog soon!

July photo diary 34I took some photos of beautiful Hilversum on my way to my therapist. It’s so pretty here, especially in the summer.

July photo diary 33 July photo diary 32Delicious grilled veggie sandwich. At Doppio (I’m starting to see a pattern…)

July photo diary 31“Photo or it didn’t happen”

July photo diary 30My siblings and I spent an afternoon in Mol, Belgium. Long story – we used to live there, lots of memories!

July photo diary 29 July photo diary 28 July photo diary 27Not sure what this was…

July photo diary 26Or what happened here…

July photo diary extra8 July photo diary 25This month I was invited to a book party by one of my favorite Dutch bloggers, Teni Stepanosian. Her blog is fitbeauty.nl and she recently published a book – a great book, beautiful and inspirational. She’s had a pretty tough life and it’s really an inspiration to read her story. Anyway, the book party was amazing, I met so many great people! This is Teni by the way:

July photo diary 23 July photo diary 22 July photo diary 21 July photo diary 20 July photo diary 19Last weekend I had this smoothie bowl for breakfast at a great coffee place in Hilversum, called Your Coffee. They have many vegan options, which is great.

July photo diary 17Also, I had an amazing vegan brunch in Amsterdam at Mastino Pizza. My sister (vegan, like me) came along and we spent the day being tourists in Amsterdam.

July photo diary 16 July photo diary 15 July photo diary 14July photo diary extra11July photo diary extra1This is my sister’s face when she takes an ugly, sneaky photo of you and shares it with the world on WhatsApp.

July photo diary 13 July photo diary 12 July photo diary 11 July photo diary 10July photo diary extra7July photo diary extra6July photo diary extra2July photo diary extra10How cool is this sign?

July photo diary 7Amsterdam is quite beautiful in the summer. I am not a huge Amsterdam fan (waaaay too busy) but it does look nice on a day like this.

July photo diary 6Lol.

July photo diary 5 July photo diary 4 July photo diary 2Beautiful sunset at home in Hilversum.

July photo diary 1That’s it for July! As you can see I love my drinks, which has led me to write a new post about alcohol. It’s easy to drink too much, especially in the summer, which is why you need to be careful with alcohol. It’s a drug after all. Stay tuned for my next post – it’s a very personal one and it’s up tomorrow. My next photo diary will be in September, after my holiday, so see you then!

Emmelyn X

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