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My online voice

For a few years now I’ve been teaching courses on social media, which is a lot of fun and also very interesting to me (not just the students). In a lecture on webcare I spoke about ‘human voice’, something companies strive for when communicating with customers online. That got me thinking about my online voice.

My offline voice can be totally different from my online voice. Online I can edit myself, make myself look as good as possible and I always choose what I put out there. When I meet someone offline there’s little I can edit. I can put on make-up, dress well and wear high heels, but there’s no changing my tone of voice, my body shape or my personality. I can try to make myself look good, of course, but it’s much harder offline.

My online voice

Recently I started thinking about my online voice. Who am I trying to be online? When I say online, I mean on this blog and my social media channels. I am trying to persuade people to read my blog and follow me on social media – but who do I want them to follow? The people who know me offline will see my face and hear my voice in their heads when reading my posts (this sounds a little creepy but it’s not meant to!) while people who have never met me will form an impression of me based on what I put online. So again – who am I trying to be to them?

I know my strengths

I’ve never thought of myself as super stylish, or fashionable, and I am terrible with make-up. I go to the gym, but most days I only give about 50% and I have no super creative, fun workouts to share. I am definitely not a beauty, fashion or fitness blogger. That’s why I don’t share any #outfitoftheday, #Ididmyownmakeup (?) or #fitgirl posts on Instagram. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to sometimes. I do follow some beauty and fashion bloggers and envy their beautiful photos. It’s just I know where my strengths lie and fashion, beauty and fitness aren’t my area of expertise. It’s not who I want to be either, whether it’s online or offline.

So who am I? If I am not into beauty, fashion or fitness, what am I into? Well, I like food, especially vegan food. That’s why I post a new vegan recipe on my blog every Wednesday. Oftentimes it’s a savoury recipe with some Italian roots (I love Italian food). But that’s not all. I love to read, write and I am always curious about life. I love to help people and I love to create things. I think of myself as kind and loving, funny, smart, outgoing, positive, with a dark edge. When I’m down I can get really down, but I’ll blog about that some other time.

Who I want to be online

So that’s what I want my online voice to be. I want it to be real and as close to my offline self as possible. I want to come across as happy, positive, cheerful, and funny and share some of my life experiences to possibly help others. When I’m feeling happy I want to blog about it; when I’m feeling down or unhappy I want to blog about that too. I want to be real and I want to be me. That’s why I write my blogposts in about 30 minutes and only read them once before posting them online. This is me, these are my thoughts. I can never be 100% sure of how I come across to people online – but at least I know my online voice is real. That’s the most important thing. And to make it even more real, I will soon start making videos (yes I’ve said this before!) which should be fun (and a little scary).

Have you ever thought about what you want your online voice to be? Are you succeeding? Please share in the comments below!

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