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The most attractive personality traits

I’ve written about what makes someone attractive before and how it is not just about physical beauty. In today’s post I outline what I believe are the most beautiful personality traits someone can have – which aren’t easily captured in a photo. It’s still very subjective of course: just my opinion. Here we go!

1. Humour

I love anyone who can make me laugh. I have a secret crush on a Dutch actor who’s physically quite unattractive, but he’s SO funny! I swear it makes him 10 times more attractive, just because his sense of humour is hilarious. When it comes to men I have never been attracted to ‘pretty boys’ or men who are classically beautiful. I like men with an edge; who have something about them that’s special. And this is always related to their personality. I love men who can make me laugh and the same goes for women. If you have the same sense of humour as I do I will love you no matter what!

2. Confidence

I’ve written about confidence before and I’m sure I will again. I absolutely believe that the most beautiful thing a woman can be is confident. Nothing will beat that. I know plenty of beautiful women who lose their beauty as soon as their insecurities shine through. I’ve also met lots of women who may not be super attractive at first sight, but once you realize how beautifully self-confident they are my perception of them completely changes. The absolute best thing you can do for yourself is love and believe in yourself. The most beautiful people are confident, self-loving people (in my opinion).

3. Skill

I love people who have a special talent or expertise, and we all have one! We just don’t always know it. I love talking to people about something they’re good at or something they’re passionate about – they can’t help but ooze enthusiasm and energy. I myself also love to talk about the things I’m passionate about, such as photography, my recently acquired Photoshop skills, my blog, my PhD, my love for vegan food… I could talk for hours about these topics and I love it when people ask me about them. When someone talks to me about something they love  it makes them so beautiful. This can be absolutely anything by the way – I also love watching mechanics change car tyres, just because they’re so skilled at something I know nothing about. It fascinates me. Before I had my driver’s licence I also loved to watch people drive. Now I’m just fascinated by truck drivers (HOW the hell can you manoeuvre that thing in so many different ways down incredibly narrow streets?!).

4. Risk-taking

I LOVE people who are not afraid. Probably because I am afraid of almost everything. I have a huge fascination for people who aren’t afraid of taking risks. These can be small risks like driving the wrong way down a one-way street, and bigger risks like quitting your job and starting your own company. I love risk-takers and people who tell me something I haven’t heard before and do unexpected things. This is also why I’m always attracted to men with a little bit of a temper. It separates them from all those men who always walk in a straight line, do what’s expected of them and follow all the rules. That’s SO BORING and also very unattractive.

These personality traits all belong to very special and intensely beautiful people – a very rare breed in my opinion. When I first meet someone I immediately form an opinion about them (yes I am that judgmental) but this can change instantly when I notice one of these qualities. It’s like my eyes open a little wider with every bit of information I discover about someone. It’s just that these qualities are pretty rare: not everyone is a funny, self-confident, passionate risk-taker; but we all should be!

And we can – physical beauty may be genetic (for the most part), but most of these beautiful qualities can be taught and learned. I believe we should all focus more on becoming awesome, self-loving people with a special kind of spark instead of focusing so much on physical appearance. I’d much rather be loved for who I am, while making people laugh, than be admired because of my physical beauty without having anything interesting to say.  This is my truth!

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