On life

A list of my life questions

We all have questions about life; some of which we might never find an answer to. These are mine. 40 questions or mysteries I often wonder about, that can’t really be explained or scientifically proven. Some are facts of life which I don’t understand and others are just questions I wish I had an answer to. I’m curious whether anyone recognizes these life questions. We must all wonder about many of the same things. OK, here goes:

  1. Why do some people gain weight easily, while others can eat what they want and stay thin?
  2. Why do some people have horror stories about their children’s births, while for others it was a walk in the park?
  3. Why do people consume animal products and claim to love animals at the same time?
  4. Why do the most positive, vibrant and good people get terminally ill?
  5. Why are some people born into perfect, happy families while others have destructive family homes?
  6. What explains people’s attraction to seeing bad stuff happen to other people as opposed to themselves?
  7. Why do some of us strive for fame, money and/or power as life’s biggest achievements?
  8. Why do people fall out of love with each other?
  9. Why do we treat our siblings so differently from our friends and other people we’re close to?
  10. Why are most of people so careful to express how they really feel (except on the internet)?
  11. Why are we suddenly so obsessed with taking selfies?
  12. What would today’s biggest social media influencers be doing without social media?
  13. Why does success come so easy to some people and not to others?
  14. Why do we waste so much time doing stuff we don’t really enjoy doing?
  15. Why do some dreams feel so real?
  16. Why do some places feel like home even though you’ve never been there before?
  17. Why do we (dis-)like some people instantly?
  18. Where do people go when they die?
  19. Are we really born again?
  20. Will we meet the people we love in this life again in another life?
  21. Why do we suffer?
  22. Why do some people seem so shallow and unconcerned with the meaning of life?
  23. Do we all have a purpose in life and if so, how do we find what it is?
  24. Why do so any people enjoy following all the rules?
  25. Why do we care what other people think of us?
  26. Why do people who live healthy lives still get sick?
  27. What determines where we are born?
  28. What makes some people so evil?
  29. Who would I be if I had been born male?
  30. Why are some people incredibly ambitious and never satisfied with what they have, while others are at peace and find happiness in the simple things?
  31. Are happiness and suffering really relative? Do we all experience happiness and suffering equally?
  32. Are our lives already laid out in front of us?
  33. Is the universe really infinitely big?
  34. Are there other planets in the universe with life like ours?
  35. Why are there so many non-spiritual, sceptical people when the world is such a magical place?
  36. Do soulmates exist?
  37. Are we really meant to spend a lifetime with somebody?
  38. Are certain people meant to be in our lives for only a short time?
  39. Do we choose our parents before we are born?
  40. Did I choose this life?

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  • Reply
    Barbara Schriek
    December 20, 2016 at 11:43 am

    28 en 35 vraag ik me ook heel vaak af! 40 is een moeilijke en misschien heb je uiteindelijk niet de goede keuze gemaakt. Maar uiteindelijk kun je zelf kiezen hoe je invulling aan je leven geeft op dit moment. En inderdaad, ik at heel lang dieren terwijl ik ze ontzettend lief vind. Ik ben een jaar vegetarisch geweest en heb het opeens losgelaten vanwege sporten. Maar dat is niet wie ik ben dus sinds twee maanden ben ik weer vegetarisch en ik laat me niet meer door anderen aanpraten dat het ten koste gaat van mijn sportprestaties. Keep up the good work, you!

  • Reply
    December 21, 2016 at 11:46 am

    Ahh wat goed Barbara! Ik wou dat iedereen vegetarisch werd 🙂 En dankjewel voor het lezen!! X

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