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All I want for Christmas

It’s almost Christmas and almost the end of this year. Time to reflect on this year and look ahead at what I want to accomplish next year. This Christmas is a difficult one for me and to make it a little better I am devoting this blogpost to everything I want for Christmas and everything I already have.

1. Family

The fact that this Christmas is a little harder for me than usual is because of some problems in my family. Luckily I have a very big family (6 siblings!) and this is also the first time most of us will be together on vacation in Sweden. Just after Christmas we are going to Sweden to visit my sister who’s studying there – and who I haven’t seen in close to four months! I can’t wait to see her and I can’t wait to spend a few days together with my family. I can’t remember the last time I took a family vacation. Some of my favourite memories from when I was young are from our family vacations so I’m really excited.

2. Happiness

Yes we all want to be happy, all year long, but I want it a little more this Christmas. All I want is a carefree, happy, drunk holiday. Unfortunately I won’t be with my own family for Christmas, but our Sweden trip more than makes up for that. This Christmas all I’m wishing for is two days of happiness – no worries about anything that may be coming up (there were plenty of worries last year and the year before), lots of laughter, loving people and booze. It’s not Christmas without booze, no matter who I’m with!


Ah, my one great love: FOOD! I don’t hold back during the holidays and I don’t feel guilty about it either. Christmas and food are a package deal and the only thing I know for sure is that I’ll be eating. For the past two years I’ve tried to incorporate some vegan food into the menu, and this year will be no exception. I have a beautiful chocolate cake in mind for dessert, but I’m still brainstorming. So yes, I’m definitely trying to be as vegan as possible at Christmas. I don’t always succeed, but I do try my best. FOOD I LOVE YOU!

4. Snow

Did you know I love extreme weather? I love hot summer days, but I love a good storm just as much. When I was growing up I lived in Italy where there were intense thunder storms in the summer and snow in the winter and I loved it. You had something to look forward to every season. Unfortunately Holland is a lot more predictable and a lot less fun weather-wise. It rains most of the time, although we do get some sun in the summer. Seeing as I’m up north this December, I am wishing for snow this Christmas. PLEASE GIVE ME SNOW!

5. Love

OK, I have more great loves besides food. I am lucky to have many people in my life who I love so much and I am so grateful to have them in my life. For Christmas all I want is to be surrounded by people I love and I think this wish may come true. In the end, that’s all that matters. Once the days get shorter and darker and the twinkly lights come out everywhere, I get a little nostalgic and also a little sad. Luckily I have lots to be thankful for and I am sure I’ll feel loved this Christmas. Also, luckily I love myself a lot. So I can always pat myself on the back and throw some drinks back while singing ‘Jingle Bells’ (wouldn’t that be fun to witness)!

What are your wishes for Christmas? I’d love to hear them!

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