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50 things I don’t give a crap about

Getting to know someone isn’t just about knowing what they like, but also what they dislike. I love and admire lots of people because we dislike the same things. It’s a bonding thing. So hopefully someone will read this and think ‘me either’! Here are 50 things I honestly don’t give a crap about (anymore).

  1. Getting a six-pack. Don’t care.
  2. Cutting back on coffee. COFFEE I LOVE YOU!
  3. Cutting back on carbs. See point #2 and replace ‘coffee’ with ‘pasta’.
  4. Explaining to people why I’m vegan.
  5. Binge-watching. Who has that kind of time?
  6. Watching a movie with 100% of my attention. Cannot. Need my phone.
  7. Winter. You suck.
  8. Public transportation. My car = best purchase I ever made.
  9. Cleaning. Again: who has that kind of time?!
  10. Smoothies. They’ve had their time. Gimme solid food.
  11. Watching TV.
  12. Shopping offline. It’s hard to remember what physical stores look like.
  13. What other people think of me. OK, I care a little but it’s hardly worth mentioning.
  14. Knowing where I’ll be a year from now. Six months, maybe. Hello adventure!
  15. Getting a regular haircut. My hair looks the same and grows faster.
  16. Answering e-mails right away. People can wait.
  17. Having the perfect Instagram feed.
  18. Posting status updates on Facebook. Unless something really big happens (rarely).
  19. Foundation.
  20. Applying face cream every day.
  21. Free wifi. Don’t we all have mobile internet by now?! Exception: abroad.
  22. Steamed vegetables. Yuck.
  23. The dangers of Teflon. I tried ALL ‘healthy’ alternatives and they’re ALL crap.
  24. Matching pillows on the sofa.
  25. A Pinterest-proof living room.
  26. Snapchat. Thank God for Instagram stories.
  27. Selfies.
  28. Magazines. I always regret buying them.
  29. Paid websites. Don’t give it to me for free? I’ll go somewhere else.
  30. Jewellery. I love earrings, that’s about it.
  31. Tidying up my closet every day. It’s not going to happen.
  32. Never skipping a work out. Sometimes I just don’t feel like it and that’s fine.
  33. Eating 100% organic food. Impossible and too expensive.
  34. Eating healthy all the time. I can’t live without fries.
  35. Designer clothes. If it looks good, I’ll wear it.
  36. Leather. It’s no better than fur.
  37. Weekends. Not my thing.
  38. Gloves. It really doesn’t get that cold and I lose them.
  39. Plastic.
  40. Following the crowd.
  41. Fame. Especially social media fame.
  42. Reality shows. Enough is enough.
  43. Reducing my salt intake. I love salt. I could write a love letter to salt.
  44. Going to Disneyland.
  45. Perfect fingernails.
  46. Stiletto heels. Fun for a photo, not for a night out.
  47. People not saying it like it is.
  48. Being in control all the time. Let. It. Go.
  49. Ice-cream. Never been my thing (see point #43).
  50. Forever. Nothing lasts forever. All that matters is right now.

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