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5 x my strange sleeping habits

If you know me, you know I love to sleep. When I was younger ‘sleeping in’ meant sleeping till noon, at least. Now that I am older I am not able to sleep that long anymore, but I don’t love my sleep any less. In today’s post I share five of my sleeping habits; some a little strange!

1. I sleep in hoodies – even in the summer

To be honest I never realized this was a strange habit, until my boyfriend commented on it. I used to sleep fully clothed; now I try and limit myself to a t-shirt or a hoodie. I just don’t feel comfortable going to sleep without clothes on. I know it’s weird – especially in the summer – but I love sleeping in hoodies. Thankfully, it never gets extremely hot in the Netherlands.

2. The deeper I sleep, the uglier I sleep

I am not a pretty sleeper. Trust me, I have photographic evidence (which I won’t be sharing). I’ve also come to realize that the deeper and the more sound I sleep, the uglier I become. I am literally one of those people that sleeps with her mouth open, drooling, looking like a human thumb. I often wake up with strange lines across my face from either my hands, the outline of my pillow or the mattress. The term ‘beauty sleep’ really doesn’t apply to me.

3. I love taking naps

I feel like napping during the day has a bad reputation, and it shouldn’t have. Like people only nap when they’re sick, depressed or alcoholics and that’s just not true. I firmly believe napping during the day is beneficial for your physical and mental health. It is for me, anyway. I take a nap every Sunday afternoon (after I work out) and I wake up feeling so much better. When I have time off, I love to take naps every afternoon, preferably after lunch. It’s the perfect midday break and it makes the rest of my day a whole lot more fun. I am more energized and more able to focus. I love taking naps and I am not ashamed!

4. I laugh in my sleep

This is a funny habit I have, and one I am secretly proud of: I laugh in my sleep. Seriously, out loud! I sometimes wake myself up laughing. It’s hysterical! My boyfriend often tells me I start laughing in the middle of night, when I am fast asleep (I usually don’t remember). It usually happens in times when I am at ease and have very little stress. When I am stressed or busy, the laughing stops. When my boyfriend tells me I started laughing again, I know I’m doing well. It’s a weird habit, but also a pretty cool one!

5. I have terrible nightmares – and I love them!

Next to laughing myself awake, I also sometimes cry myself awake because I’ve had a terrible nightmare. I often have nightmares, which isn’t that uncommon, but I feel I am one of the few people who loves nightmares. The rule is, that they can’t involve my family members and they can’t seem too realistic (thankfully, they often aren’t). Whenever I wake from a nightmare I feel this overwhelming sense of relief: it was just a nightmare! And I love that feeling. It has a huge effect on the rest of my day; it puts things into perspective. No matter what I was worrying about before – it doesn’t matter, because no one is trying to chase or kill me. Life is good!

If there are any funny sleeping habits you have, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Emmelyn X

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