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5 reasons why you love your sister

Sisters can have quite a complex relationship. One day you love each other, the next you’re passionately wishing you weren’t related. But you’re sisters and that’s part of the deal. If you need a reminder, in this article I list five reasons why you love your sister and why she really is the perfect best friend.

1. You are genuinely happy for each other’s achievements

While there is some (healthy) rivalry and competition among siblings, this actually motivates you to work harder and achieve your goals. And whenever you achieve something in life, you know that when you tell her, she’ll be genuinely happy for you. She won’t be jealous or wish it was her, she’ll be happy because you’re happy. And this happiness works both ways. You want the best for each other (really) which means she is person you can share your happiness with, without worrying about her true feelings. Whether it’s a new job, a new house or a boyfriend, you can excitedly scream the news down the phone and be expect the same shrieks back on the other end. She’s your sister. She shares your joys!

2. No matter how angry you get, you know she will forgive you

Unlike some friendships which are never the same after that one fight where you showed your true colours by getting really angry, sisters (almost) always forgive. In fact, that’s one of the rules of sisterhood: no matter how angry you get, you both know you don’t really mean it and she needs to forgive you once you’ve calmed down. There are few people you feel so comfortable with that you can comfortably get livid and move on a few minutes later, expecting her to be over it too. And she will be. She gets it. She can piss you off just as much (if not more).

3. You grew up together, so she knows you like no one else does

You spent most of your youth living in the same house so it’s safe to say you know each other. This is a very special kind of bond. She knows you like no one else; understands what irritates you, what angers you and what moves you. Whenever you hear that one song, watch that one movie scene or have that one memory, you only need a few words to share your feelings. She gets it. She’s your sister, and whether or not she shares your feelings, she understands yours.

4. You don’t need to talk to each other every day

Since you know each other so well, you don’t really need to talk every day to stay close. She’s always on your mind, but you don’t need to physically speak to her to let her know that. Days and even weeks can go by without seeing or speaking to each other, but that won’t harm your bond. It’s a special one and it won’t suffer from physical distance or a lack of phone calls. The next time you see or speak to her, it will feel like no time at all has passed.

5. You can be yourself around her

Arguably the most important reason you love your sister: because of who you are when you are with her. You are 100% yourself and that’s the best you can be. You don’t need to put up a front, be brave, hold back tears or mask your true feelings in any way. You can be as crazy as you want to be, share your worst fears and biggest dreams and she will listen to you, defend you and support you. You will never feel embarrassed or feel the need to explain yourself because she will never judge you. She is your best friend in the truest sense of the word and best of all: she’s never going anywhere. You will go through life knowing that she’ll always be there for you. She’s the one person you can always count on and that’s why you love her.

Emmelyn X

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