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5 benefits of being a woman

I often have discussions with other women about what’s so great about being female. Looking at it rationally, being male is much easier – no period, no childbirth, and you just get more handsome as you get older. Secretly though, I really love being a woman, despite all the disadvantages and discomforts. This article focuses on 5 benefits of being female.

1. Trustworthiness

As a young girl, you learn not to trust ‘strange men’. This warning very rarely focuses on ‘strange women’ and while it surely should, it means us women are mostly seen as less threatening and more trustworthy than men. I find this very comforting. I know that when I am in a foreign country or place I’ve never been before, I can ask someone for directions without getting suspicious glances. However, when a strange man asks me for directions, I am always at least a little suspicious. Definitely an advantage of being female!

2. Free expression of emotions

Although I don’t consider myself an overly emotional person, I like the fact that as a woman, I feel I am able to more freely express my emotions, compared to men. Most men have this attitude that they aren’t ‘allowed’ to cry or simply ‘never cry’. It really isn’t a weakness to cry and sometimes crying can be such a relief. I have to say that if I see a man cry, especially a grown man, it really gets to me much more compared to when I see a woman cry. ‘It must be serious’ is my first thought, which only shows how rarely I see men cry. By the way, this free expression of emotion goes for joy, laughter and happiness as well. I’ve never felt ashamed or embarrassed about screaming for joy or laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. And I feel men are just a little more reserved when it comes to that. Such a shame!

3. You can be girly

I love being girly, I won’t ever deny it. I am not a huge make-up fan, but I do love how it makes me feel. I also love high heels, long skirts, dresses and sparkly jewellery. I recently pierced my ears (yes, that’s right, I did it myself!) and I can just enjoy looking at my new earrings for days. I love buying new clothes, dressing up and feeling womanly – it’s great! When men go out, all they really have to do is wear a fresh shirt and put on some deodorant, while women can spend hours getting ready (and they do). And it’s so much fun! As a woman, life is like one big fashion show.

4. No facial hair (yet!)

This is more a disadvantage of being male, but I put it in here anyway. While most women spend a lot of time getting rid of their body hair, this hair is (usually) not located on their faces. As a woman you can easily get away with not shaving your legs for a few days, while facial hair is immediately visible. It must be so annoying to have to shave on a daily basis, because if you don’t you look scruffy. I love that I don’t have to shave my face every day. Yeah!

5. Getting pregnant

And finally, the obvious: (most) women can carry their own children. While I listed ‘childbirth’ as a disadvantage of being a woman at the start of this article, I couldn’t imagine giving this up. I’m not even really sure I want children, but I am secretly really curious what being pregnant and giving birth is like. And if I decide that I do want children, I really wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. Even without having gone through it, I’m sure it’s one of the most amazing experiences of being a woman. I mean, growing a human inside of you? Nothing beats that!

Oh, and one final thought:

benefits of being a womanEmmelyn X

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    August 23, 2016 at 9:54 am

    🙂 love it!
    And, as an experienced mom, Being pregnant really ís magical. If you do decide to have children one day, I wish you a beautiful pregnancy, with all the ups and without the possible downs. 🙂

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    August 23, 2016 at 10:09 am

    Thank you Nanda 🙂 That’s so sweet X

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