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4 x why blogging abroad is awesome

I’m writing this post from the beautiful French Riviera, where I spend a lot of my summer vacations. This year is the first time I’ve brought my laptop along to keep my blog up and running while I’m away. And I love it! Here’s why blogging abroad is so awesome.

1. Inspiration

As a blogger you can sometimes suffer from ‘blogger’s block’ or fail to come up with great blog ideas. My inspiration often comes from my personal life, which is why I always carry a notebook with me and have about 6 full memos in my phone. I never really have a problem coming up with new ideas, but I’m never as inspired as when I am away from home. Going on vacation means stepping out of your comfort zone and while I hate that term, there’s really no other way to describe it. You let go of your usual routine, see different people, a different environment, sleep in a different bed and this can be a little overwhelming, but it’s also incredibly good for your creativity. It is for me anyway. If you experience things you normally don’t experience, you come up with new ideas you normally wouldn’t think of. Also, taking the time to just be for a while can give me a huge surge of inspiration. Which is why I am sitting in my hotel room in Villefranche-sur-Mer right now writing this blog post!

2. Perspective

When you’re always in the same place doing the same things, you can sometimes get a little lost in your own life. This is fine, as long as you take the time every once in a while to step back and evaluate your life. Whenever I am away from home for extended periods of time I look at my life in a way I am not able to do when I am living it. I gain perspective on what I like about my life and what I don’t like so much. And this perspective can lead to some important changes in my life as well as amazing blog post ideas. Whenever I’m on vacation I feel like I can look at my life back home as an ‘outsider’, from a different perspective. It’s easy to get lost in your routine and just carry on living without ever progressing. The same is true for my blog. Whenever I leave home I gain this whole new perspective on how my blog is doing and this can lead me to make some changes. I really value this perspective and this is also why I love to travel.

3. Peace of mind

This one’s important, but even more important is that, for me, this takes a day or two (at least). Whenever I’m on vacation I need a couple of days to free my mind, forget about my home routine and really get into the holiday mindset. In order to fully relax, I first get uncomfortable, even moody, for a day or two. After that I can feel myself starting to relax and be able to enjoy my long, lazy days on the beach. This relaxation mode is priceless and it also boosts my creativity. I love to read, so whenever I spent time on a beach I bring a book or magazines and devote all my attention to reading and letting my mind wander. There’s no better way to come up with blog post ideas. I hardly ever get that much time to really think so I treasure my summer beach days and try and soak up all the inspiration I can get!

4. Beauty

If you’ve ever been to the south of France, you’ll know how beautiful it is here. As a blogger, an Instagram-lover and a visual person, I just can’t stop taking photos! The sky and the sea are blue, the beaches white and sandy, the sun is always shining and the landscape is just amazing. When you’re a blogger working from home, you can take endless selfies and photograph beautiful recipes, but you won’t find anything like the steep cliffs or clear waters of the south of France. Unless you permanently reside here, of course 🙂 (I hate you, by the way). This beauty isn’t just great for stunning photographs (for my monthly photo diary) and videos, but also for my own blog post creativity. I love it here so much; I love the heat, the smells, the narrow roads, the food and even the cranky French people. I am always so happy when I’m here and that does wonders for my inspiration.

I’ll be in France for the next two weeks at least, so I’m going to try and hold on to this creativity and keep blogging – as long as the WiFi is as strong as my inspiration.

À bientôt!

Emmelyn X

PS. A few photos to show the beauty around me right now…France-2france-6France-3france-4 france-5    France-1

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