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4 x my most embarrassing moments

This may not have been the most fun blogpost for me to write, but I have to say it was very healing. Putting these embarrassing moments in writing makes them weigh a little less heavy on my heart. And it must be fun for you to read about someone else’s most embarrassing moments right? Everything for my loyal readers! So here we go.

1. Slippery heels

OK, let’s start small. I was 17 and walking to my German class in high school. I was wearing my new favorite high heels, flared jeans and I was feeling confident. The bell rang and I ran towards the open classroom door while yelling (in a cute way): I’m on time! And BAM! There I was, ass-first on the floor. My beautiful new heels were also very cheap and had the most slippery soles ever. I slipped and fell in front of all my classmates and teacher, who kindly showed their concern by asking if I was OK. I was physically fine, but mortified and I can still recall that feeling. Safe to say I never wore those heels again.

2. The forum

Another one from high school, because it’s such a wonderful time!!!! Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Anyway, in my last year of high school we had an online forum, which was a big deal back then. This forum had a lot of polls on it, like who was the smartest person in school or who was the hottest or who was the most annoying teacher. It went quite far and I guess it’s one of the earlier forms of cyberbullying. Needless to say this forum was a real hit and it was all anybody talked about. I was secretly obsessed with the ‘hottest girl in school’ poll, as you are at that age. I wasn’t number one and there were even some nasty comments about me, so I decided to counter those comments and upvote myself using a different name. Unfortunately the forum’s admin quickly discovered it was me by tracking my IP address. I tried to spin the story by saying my friends came over and voted for me, but I wasn’t very convincing. It was all hugely embarrassing at the time, now it’s just a fun memory of how far I’ve come.

3. Blatant self-promotion

Fast-forward to my first year at university, in the city of Maastricht. I joined a sorority and spent much of time either out drinking, eating or sleeping. One night we all went out to a bar and spent the night dancing and getting a little tipsy. At some point some fraternity guys showed up, one of whom I secretly had a crush on. I was feeling especially confident because I’d had some drinks and I vaguely remember talking to him, mostly about myself. Halfway through the night he asked me to go outside, which was code for ‘let’s hook up’. I was ecstatic and felt more confident than ever: my self-promotion was working! Without looking back I pushed my way through the crowd of people to the double doors leading outside. I must have stood outside, in front of those doors, shivering, in the middle of winter for about 30 minutes but nobody ever showed up. Mortified I gave up and walked back in, ignoring him the rest of the night. Not my finest moment.

4. The car I failed to see

This one is more recent and it happened a little over three years ago. I was in a minor car accident (nobody was hurt!) that was entirely my fault. This is one of those embarrassing moments that comes back when I can’t sleep at night. I was waiting to drive onto a busy road and drove right into a car I thought was about to turn. It’s a little hard to describe the exact situation, but it was absolutely my fault and the overwhelming feeling at that moment was embarrassment. I wonder if there’s anyone who recognizes this feeling? I could have felt fear, or worry, or relief because nobody was hurt, but I was overwhelmingly embarrassed. It wasn’t a dangerous situation but I was mortified – how could I have been so stupid? It was a very busy time in town and there were many witnesses. I remember sitting in my car with my hands covering my mouth for what felt like hours, shocked at what had just happened. I even thought my car was broken because it wouldn’t move (turns out it wasn’t in gear). My boyfriend, who was taking a shower at the time, came to my rescue and drove me home. I think I cried all day long. Definitely a lesson learned, but not a fun one and also one of my most embarrassing moments.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these embarrassing situations I was in. I have to say writing them down makes me feel a whole lot better and less embarrassed. After all, these embarrassing moments are all really important experiences, where I got to know myself and changed for the better. I haven’t fallen on my ass (as much), upvoted myself online, talked about myself for hours thinking I was impressing my conversation partner or had an accident with my car. It’s all part of life – you live, you learn, and you cringe… a little. And then you move on.


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    November 24, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    Nice read, but I am missing the Corona story which took place in Key West…:)

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      November 24, 2016 at 1:17 pm

      Thanks for that 😉

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