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30 things that scare me

I’ve come to realize that doing stuff that scares you really does make you a better, stronger person. Like most people I’ve been forced to do some scary stuff in my life and I’ve noticed how much these experiences have changed me – for the better – and change is progress. Also, there’s something that attracts us to the things that scare us. We’re never afraid of the things that don’t interest us. So for today’s post I’ve compiled a list of 30 things that scare me – and things I (still) need to do!

  1. Take a long drive by myself (and cross at least 1 country border)
  2. Dye my hair a radically different colour (like black or pink)
  3. Childbirth (terrifies me)
  4. Take a vacation by myself to a place I’ve never been
  5. Take a dancing class
  6. Teach a course all by myself (soon!)
  7. Be interviewed on live television (and be awesome)
  8. Film myself in public
  9. Go skydiving
  10. Drive a truck
  11. Get married
  12. Be self-employed
  13. Travel for a few months without any plans
  14. Go pole dancing
  15. Have a nude photoshoot
  16. Run a marathon
  17. Have a conversation in French with a native French speaker
  18. Move to a foreign country
  19. Drive through the city centre of Paris
  20. Cold-calling someone
  21. Being pulled over by the cops
  22. Flying a plane by myself (Emmelyn the pilot)
  23. Eating out alone
  24. Drive on the wrong side of the road
  25. Fail at something and move on
  26. Hold a really big spider
  27. Sing in front of an audience
  28. Learn to play a musical instrument
  29. Driving in stiletto heels (so cool)
  30. Pop a champagne bottle (so scary)

I might never do all these things and if I do, it might take me a while (or even a lifetime) but I am committed to doing as many of these as possible, as often as possible (except for skydiving and childbirth ha-ha). The less stuff I am afraid of, the stronger and more self-confident I’ll be. Have you ever thought about the top-30 (or even top-10) things that scare you? What are they? Confront your fears by sharing them below in the comments. Face your fears, live your dreams!

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