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2017 Goals

It’s my very last blogpost of the year 2016 – I can’t believe a whole year has passed by already. It’s that time of the year again – to look back, as well as ahead and think about my dreams and goals for the upcoming year. I don’t like the word ‘resolutions’ so here are five goals I have for 2017.

1. Getting my PhD

This is on the top of my list for 2017. I started my PhD in 2013 and my contract ends in March next year. Luckily I have a new contract at my university, with lots of teaching, so I have a little more time to finish my thesis. I’ll probably be busier than ever so I want to write up as much as I can before the semester starts. Even though I know I’m going to be crazy busy, I am so grateful for my new contract and so excited to finally finish and defend my thesis. When I close my eyes at night I see myself standing on the podium with all my friends and family in the audience and I really can’t wait. I’m so proud of myself already.

2. Worry less

This was my one and only New Year’s resolution last year – to worry less. I think I succeeded quite well in letting things go and stop worrying about the small stuff, but I still have a long way to go. So it’s a goal for 2017: to be happier in the moment, more at peace and less wo. There’s no point in worrying anyway: things either happen or they don’t and I’ll deal with it either way. So far, things have always worked out and worrying has not influenced that at all.

3. Buy a house

I really want to move. I’ve been living in my apartment for four years, with my boyfriend, and we both feel it’s time to move. The energy is completely gone and the house is just too small. I’ve loved living there, but I also feel it’s time to buy a house. Renting just feels like a waste of money and if I want a bigger place I’ll also be paying a lot more rent. That’s just not worth it anymore. We’ve been looking for a while, but we still haven’t found anything yet. I have high hopes for 2017 though: hopefully the year we’ll finally buy a house.

4. Take off for the summer

Yep: big plans for summer 2017! First of all: summer is my favourite season. I am not a winter person, I basically sleepwalk through the season. I don’t like the cold, or the wardrobe, or the food, or leaving the house. I LOVE the summer: the long, light, sunny days, the warm air, sleeping with the windows open and having so much more energy. So I am already secretly planning my summer getaway and next year I really just want to leave for a while, without really knowing where. Preferably I’ll be gone for a month or two and just spend the summer months abroad – probably in France. It’s my dream to just grab my laptop and take off – I can blog anywhere. Definitely one of my goals for next year.

5. Being self-employed

This is related to the previous goal: I really want to be self-employed in 2017. It’s my dream to be able to create something that’s entirely mine and make money doing it. I really want to make money blogging, but it could be something else too. I love blogging and I love that I can do it anywhere. I am writing this blogpost from Sweden! All I need is my laptop and WiFi – it’s so easy. Also, I love it. Ever since I started blogging I feel alive again. To make money doing it would be absolutely amazing. Getting my PhD is absolutely my first priority but if I do it right, this will be next. Fingers crossed…

I wish all my readers a very happy new year and I hope your dreams and goals for the next year will all come true. Just write them down and hang them on your fridge or wall as a reminder, so you won’t forget what you’re working towards. Before you know it the year is over and you’ll wonder where the time went. Keeping a reminder around will keep you on your toes all year long. It works for me! Again: happy New Year and I’ll be back in January!

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