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10 things more important to me than money

Sometimes it feels like money makes the world go round. People spend their entire lives chasing it, always wanting more, sacrificing everything for it – even their own lives. We already know that money can’t buy happiness; at least only to a certain extent. So I thought I’d write today’s post about 10 things that matter more to me than money.

1. Love

Money or love – that’s not a difficult choice, at least not for me. When something bad happens, I don’t crave my new phone, my nice big house or my shiny car; I crave love from the people close to me. The only thing that always makes me feel better is love and there’s nothing I am more thankful for than my family. Love is also what draws me to life’s awesomeness and helps me to move forward. There’s nothing like feeling loved and being in love; it’s absolutely priceless and can make you feel invincible and indestructible. Love can’t be bought and it’s the most precious thing there is.

2. Learning

If there’s one goal I have in life, it’s to never, ever stop learning. It’s so important to me to keep busy and to keep challenging myself. I know I need to move on from something when it’s starts feeling like a routine; when the challenged is gone. That’s why it’s so important to try things that scare you. Overcoming those fears is exhilarating.

3. Self-development

This goes hand in hand with point #2: when you keep trying new things and keep challenging yourself, you keep developing yourself as a person. One of the greatest feelings in the world for me is looking back and realizing how much I’ve changed and improved. I’m less afraid, I’m more secure and more importantly: I am a better person. I love that feeling and it definitely can’t be bought.

4. Self-acceptance

Also something that comes with time – for me anyway. I used to be pretty insecure, both about myself and the way I look. It took me a long time to find my place in the world and realize I’m a pretty awesome person. The most important thing I ever did was fall in love with myself and accept who I am. In order to do that you a) stop comparing yourself to others and b) get to know yourself. And never, ever pretend to be someone you’re not.

5. Humor

The only thing that can kill a really bad day is humor and laughter. Laughter is the best medicine (and money is NOT). Whenever I’m feeling down or am too much in my head, I watch an episode of New Girl or Friends (THE FAJITAS – never gets old!) and I literally laugh my troubles away. Trust me – I also love to go out and spend money when I’m feeling down, but that doesn’t make me feel half as good.

6. Skill

To me, one of the most beautiful and sexy qualities of any human is skill. Whether it’s being skilled at coding, or painting, or singing; if it’s something someone is clearly good at, it moves me. It’s beautiful. And most of the time you’re born with those skills. We’re all skilled at different things and that makes us unique as people.

7. Memories

There are some memories I’d like to forget, but for the most part I cherish my memories. They give me strength, inspire me and make me excited for the future. Great things have already happened, so more great things are inevitably going to come. I love the saying “the best is yet to come” – it makes me so hopeful for the future. My memories are my most cherished possession and they can’t be bought (or sold for that matter).

8. Good health

The older I get, the less I take my health for granted. So far I’ve had one serious health scare (don’t worry, I’m fine!) and it’s moments like that you suddenly realize what you have. You have a healthy body, you have all your limbs, you can see, hear and touch your loved ones. You are so fucking lucky! Without your health you have nothing. We should all enjoy it a little more.

9. Creativity

Everyone is creative. I used to think I was more ‘serious’ than creative, but I was wrong. Even I am creative. I can’t draw, or sing, or build stuff but I am creative in other ways. I love to write, edit photos, make videos and design my blog. I may not be a star at it, but it’s creative nonetheless and I enjoy doing it. It’s this creativity that makes my days interesting and my life worth living.

10. Time

There is nothing more valuable in life than time and time is definitely more valuable than money. To me, life feels incredibly short and one of my scariest thoughts is not having enough time to do the things I want to do. That time is running out. There’s so much I still want to see and do, and so many ways in which I want to improve and develop myself. I need time; much more than I have. If I could buy extra time I definitely would, but I can’t so I cherish the time I do have and try to enjoy every single day. Or at least part of every day.

See? Life is pretty cool – even without money. Trust me, I understand the important of money, in fact: it’s the reason I’ve worked so hard to get where I am. I never, ever want to worry about money, but there’s times in your life you realize how little it means. These 10 things matter most to me in life and I never ever want to run out of them.


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