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Food diary #1: Fast food, booze & veggies

I really enjoyed creating my first monthly photo diary, so I decided to do something similar today, but with food. A food diary! I’ll try posting one every month with a weekly overview of what I ate (with lots of photos). This is my first food diary, with everything I ate (and drank!) last week. Not my healthiest week, but not too different from any other week.


I started the day off right with 4 slices of whole-wheat bread with banana and cinnamon. I love fruit on toast! I also had a cup of coffee with oat milk and cacao powder.

Food diary
As a snack I had two kiwis, an hour or two after breakfast.

Food diary
For lunch I had my home-made potato salad (recipe here) with a cappuccino with soy milk.

Food diary
Just before dinner I had a green tea, followed by a large plate of home-made pasta with grilled veggies, seasoned tofu and fresh spinach. I’ll put the recipe on my blog soon!

Food diaryThroughout the day I drank two litres of water (as I do every day).


I started the day early at the university (where I am a PhD student) with a tall Starbucks cappuccino (yes we have a Starbucks on campus!) with soy milk. They finally got my name right (yay)!

Food diaryBreakfast was a bowl of unsweetened soy yoghurt with an apple, cinnamon and two kiwis on the side.

Food diary
For lunch I had some leftover pasta with grilled vegetables with extra spinach.

It was a busy day and I was meeting my siblings in Amsterdam that night, so I got some takeaway. I had brown rice with veggies, tofu and raw cashews (delicious!) and my name was Emily apparently. Since I was socializing in Amsterdam I also had two glasses of white wine (more in my monthly photo diary at the end of this month!).

Food diary 12


Breakfast was unsweetened soy yoghurt (again) with a small piece of chopped dark chocolate (85% cacao) and two kiwis on the side. After breakfast I had a coffee with oat milk and raw cacao powder.

food diary 23
For lunch I had two whole-wheat pitas with home-made vegan ‘egg’ salad (recipe on the blog soon!) and fresh spinach. Yum!

Food diary 10
For dinner I had some couscous with grilled veggies. Since I have Pilates on Wednesdays I also had some soy yoghurt with chopped dark chocolate.

After Pilates I was crazy hungry so I made some popcorn (using popcorn kernels) with salt, turmeric, paprika, chili and a little coconut sugar. Delicious!

Food diaryThursday

Breakfast consisted of unsweetened soy yoghurt with spelt granola and fresh berries. They were on sale; I hardly every buy fresh blueberries since they’re so expensive. I also had a kiwi on the side and another Starbucks cappuccino with soy milk.

Food diary
For lunch I had some home-made pasta I had in the freezer, with tomato sauce, roasted sunflower seeds, fresh spinach and mushrooms. In the late afternoon I had a hairdresser’s appointment where I had a cup of green tea, a black coffee and some candy (pretty sure it wasn’t vegan…).

Food diary
For dinner I had vegetarian sushi and a glass of Prosecco (why not?).

Food diary

Food diary 6


Friday was a very busy day (I was at the university before 8am!) and I started my day with a Starbucks cappuccino with soy milk. For breakfast I had soy yoghurt with granola and blueberries (same as the day before). I also added some flaxseeds.

I didn’t have lunch today, which almost never happens, but that’s how busy I was! It was a long stressful day; I had to teach a class and got the time wrong (also never happens!) and had to conduct some job interviews for a new PhD position. Busy, stressful day, so no lunch – I often forget to eat when I’m stressed. Not good, I know.

For dinner I decided to treat myself by making a potato gratin (recipe here) with vegan cheese and marinated mushrooms. I ate the whole thing, that’s how hungry I was.

Food diarySaturday

Today I had a festival (more about that in my June photo diary!) so I knew it wouldn’t be a very healthy day. I started my day with 4 slices of whole-wheat toasted bread with fresh strawberries and a little coconut sugar.

Food diary
And I drank lots of beer. LOTS. This is me (middle) with my boyfriend (left) and brother (right).

food diary
I also drank lots of water. But I didn’t have lunch (again).

Food diaryFor dinner I had French fries with lots of mayo (not vegan, I know) and a slice of pizza. Tipsy, hungry, it happens. I also had an ice pop. Oh, and more beer.

Food diary 2

For breakfast I had 2 slices of whole-wheat toast with fresh strawberries and coconut sugar and a coffee with oat milk.

I went to a healthy lifestyle fair with my sister and had another coffee with soy milk. For lunch I had a sandwich with grilled veggies (and forgot to take a photo).

food diary

food diary 18
I also snacked on some supposedly ‘healthy’ potato chips (they were sooo good).

Food diary 1
For dinner I had the same potato gratin I had two days earlier, since I still had potatoes and vegan cheese left over. I added mushrooms and fresh spinach and it was delicious.

I hope you enjoyed my first food diary. Until next time!

Emmelyn X

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