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Guest post: Raw date balls

As some of you may know, my sister has an awesome vegan fashion blog and has recently started experimenting with vegan recipes, like these raw date balls. Not only are they delicious, she is more than willing to share the recipe on my blog! So please welcome my first guest blogger, my sister, also known as LizzelC. You can check her blog out here:

Today I wanted to share a recipe for one of my absolute FAVORITE snacks; My coconut date balls. With nuts. No idea what else to name these bad boys.

But my God they are delicious.

Unlike my sister, I have an intense sweet tooth.
I’ve tried a lot of vegan treats, some more tasty than others, but I never really found anything worth repurchasing. When we attended Vegfest a while back, I came across someone who was selling different kinds of vegan bonbons. I loved the coconut ones they were selling, and tried to recreate them at home a few days later. I think I got pretty close, and I added my own little twist on them.

These coco-balls are super satisfying for any sweet cravings, which is coming from someone who used to be able to eat an entire box of dairy chocolate bonbons in one sitting.
These are a lot healthier than any dairy chocolate bonbons though! Plus, they taste way better than any sort of store bought treat. They’re also really easy to make, which is slightly dangerous. You’ll find out as soon as you’ve tasted one 😉

You will need the following for about 30 medium sized bonbons:

Entire list of ingredients and utensils at the end of this post.

raw date ballsFramed picture is from Etsy shop GooseandRabbit

First, take some grated coconut.

raw date balls

I got a 250g bag (approximately 3 cups) and used about half.
I suggest not skimping on this! If you want to make more than 30 balls, definitely go with a jumbo bag.
I like to sprinkle this stuff on my oatmeal in the morning as well, so it never goes to waste.

Now, a slightly unfamiliar ingredient:

raw date balls

White almond paste.
About a quarter of the jar for one batch.
Make sure you stir it beforehand!

You could replace this with regular almond paste, cashew butter/paste or regular almond butter (although your balls will turn out a little darker, the taste won’t be very different)
I’ve never tried them with peanut butter, but I’m sure that could work too! Personally, I just don’t like the combination of peanuts and coconut.
But, hey! You do you! 🙂

Next, the nuts:

raw date balls

I used macadamia nuts and almonds, because those are my favorite. The almonds also just work the best with the white almond paste.
I used nuts in about half the batch, one to two nuts per ball, so I bought the smallest packet of both types of nuts. Both kinds I used were salted and the almonds were slightly roasted. Again, it’s just a preference thing.
Choose whatever you think would taste best.

Also, let’s not forget the main ingredient here:

raw date balls


Now these are delicious to munch on just as they are, but they work really well in any type of dessert recipe.
I used one box of fresh Medjool dates from a brand that my local supermarket happens to stock up on.
This box had around 48 big dates inside.

I started by using two dates per bonbon.

raw date balls

Just squish them together, after removing the pit in the centre, and press the nut of your choice in the middle.
You could also crush up the nuts and roll them into the date ball if you don’t like one big nut in the centre.
Now roll it up into a ball and dunk it into the white almond paste.

raw date balls

I like to use a separate bowl for this.
Make sure to cover the ball evenly.
Then it’s on to the coconut dipping!

raw date balls

If you couldn’t tell already, this is a very messy process! If you have kids, I’m sure they would love to get involved.
I just use my thoroughly washed hands, but you could use gloves for sure if you don’t want your hands to get sticky.

raw date balls

There you go, all done!

Super quick and easy, they taste even better than they look.
I ended up making around 35 bonbons in the end, as I made a couple smaller ones without a nut in the centre.

raw date balls

Make sure you store them in the fridge in a covered dish like the one shown above, or in some sort of container.
I actually like them a lot better when they’re slightly chilled.
You could also make them into bonbon-pops hand them out as gifts or at a party.

raw date balls

Full list of ingredients (35 balls)

Grated coconut, about 125 grams (or 1 and ¼ cup)

White almond paste, about a quarter of a jar. You could eyeball this one.

Macadamia nuts and Almonds, about 30 of each would be more than enough.

Medjool Dates, around 48 big ones


Hands Seriously. They are quite useful.

Two bowls for the coconut and almond paste

A fork or spoon for dipping

An airtight container or dish to store them in

Let me know what you think of these down below!

raw date balls

Like I said; it’s a very messy process
xo Lizzel

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