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Why you don’t think you’re beautiful

You know how you can feel bad about yourself by zooming in on one particular thing? Like your ‘fat ass’, or ‘crooked nose’, or ‘huge feet’. As a result, we feel bad about ourselves, while we could also be focusing on everything we love about our bodies. Here’s why you don’t think you’re beautiful (and why you should).

We (especially women) spend a lot of time criticizing ourselves in front of the mirror. We are not that kind when it comes to our physical appearance. We like to look at ourselves and focus only on what we don’t like and what we would like to change about ourselves. Focusing one everything we’re unhappy with does not make us feel any better, in fact: it makes us miserable. Here’s a list of 25 things you might be telling yourself:

  1. You don’t have a six pack.
  2. Your calves are too small.
  3. Your thighs are too big.
  4. Your feet are too big.
  5. You bite your nails and they look disgusting.
  6. Your hair is too frizzy.
  7. Your teeth are not white enough.
  8. Also, they aren’t straight enough.
  9. Where are your triceps?
  10. What are triceps?
  11. You don’t have a defined jawline.
  12. Your eyebrows are so bushy.
  13. Your arms are too hairy.
  14. You have wrinkles (and you’re so young!)
  15. You have cellulite.
  16. Your eyes are too big.
  17. Your lips are too thin.
  18. Your breasts are saggy.
  19. Your hair colour is boring.
  20. Your ass is too flat.
  21. Your nose is too big.
  22. You have too many freckles.
  23. Your ears are huge!
  24. Your skin is so dry.
  25. Where is your waistline?

Feel ugly yet? Yes, I’m sure you do. But this is so pointless. You’re focusing on the wrong things! If you’re overweight, go lose weight. If you don’t like your hair, get a haircut. But there are so many things that we focus on that we should either accept, or just see differently. We should look at ourselves as a whole person, not “that girl with the big nose”. Other people don’t even see that nose, and even if they do: they might love that about you. So stop focusing on stupid, useless self-criticism. To help you out: here’s what you should be saying to yourself:

  1. You have a great smile.
  2. You have a beautiful voice.
  3. People look up to you.
  4. You’re strong.
  5. You’re healthy.
  6. You make people laugh.
  7. You’re kind.
  8. You’re smart.
  9. You don’t give up.
  10. You inspire others.
  11. You’re almost always positive.
  12. You love being alive.
  13. You are in love.
  14. You are able to see the beauty in the world.
  15. You love the smell of spring.
  16. You love the feel of your feet in the sand.
  17. You also love the feel of the sun on your skin.
  18. Nobody sees your cellulite when you have a tan!
  19. You are often missed.
  20. You are loved.
  21. You are not done learning.
  22. You are confident.
  23. You are a dreamer.
  24. You won’t ever stop playing.
  25. You believe that anything is possible.

These 25 points are just for inspiration – because I’m sure there are many more you can come up with that apply to you. We all have so many unique qualities, both physical and emotional, and focusing on what we love about ourselves is guaranteed to make us happier than focusing on everything we don’t like. Just don’t allow those negative thoughts into your mind. You are so much more than rock hard abs, a straight nose and thick, shiny hair. Believe you are beautiful. Because you are.

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